A.V. Mapping - White Paper
A.V. Mapping - White Paper
October 30, 2023

Chapter 1: Introduction

  A.V. Mapping's mission is to unlock the potential of creators by utilizing technology. The company integrates content, safeguards copyrights, and enhances the creators ecosystem through its efficient AI and blockchain technology. A.V. Mapping’s AI finds music & SFX for videos. No copyright issues, no wait. Instantly match music to videos with 24/7 AI website. By pairing contents with AI-matched human-generated music and authentic sound effects, accessing your transaction details around the clock with FAANG & blockchain supported website. A.V. Mapping enables a unique platform for sharing, selling, accelerating and protecting creators' rights.

  Utilizing AI analysis techniques such as image, music, plot, and text analysis, A.V. Mapping helps creators expedite the process of finding suitable music, acquiring licenses, and reducing time spent on non-creative tasks. This enables a focused approach on their creative work.

  Powered by advanced AI technology, A.V. Mapping offers a comprehensive video music mapping solution. It rapidly identifies the most appropriate music or sound effects for videos while cutting production time considerably. By saving up to 95% of work hours and increasing cash flow within the creative industry, A.V. Mapping strives to be the most effective partner for creators.

Chapter 2: Advantages of A.V. Mapping

1️⃣ Cost Saving

Save 7K USD and half a year each time.

Pay as you go. You don’t need to pay forward for those high license fees on the music or sound effects for no one. Just pay how much music and sound your customers used, we would charge at the end of the month and only count by use.

2️⃣ Efficiency

The process of accessing AI capabilities and a vast music and sound effects library, saving you time and effort in sourcing and implementing these elements into your projects. With millions of music tracks and sound effects at your fingertips, you have the creative freedom to choose the perfect audio to enhance your content, making it more engaging and impactful.

3️⃣ Innovation

A.V. Mapping possesses unique features and notable benefits such as vastly improved efficiency due to its proprietary music-matching patented AI algorithm. Its multi-dimensional analysis combines elements like visual storytelling, plot development, emotions, actions, text inputs, and musical styles to create a smarter music matching process while reducing production costs significantly.

In addition to these cost savings, A.V. Mapping offers a 24/7 online service that allows direct interaction with AI through an accessible digital recording studio environment. By doing so, it eliminates time-consuming communication between producers and composers and supports collaboration with software, platform, and hardware vendors via technological integrations such as APIs.

Chapter 3: Audiovisual Music A.I. Platform

The A.V. Mapping platform offers a comprehensive range of features for video, text, and music analysis. Video analysis encompasses aspects such as characters, time, location, objects, shot rhythms, and color tones. Text analysis covers plot summaries and CUE sheets, while music analysis involves emotions, styles, and musical traits. These features work together to help creators identify music that accurately meets their needs.

Music Search Engine:


The music search engine provides various capabilities such as music and sound effects discovery, noise reduction processing, and contract signing services. This all-in-one solution streamlines the process of finding the desired music resources.

Moreover, the engine supports video-to-music and image-to-music conversions. When uploading a video, the AI automatically analyzes and selects appropriate music and sound elements to enhance the video’s quality.

The music-to-music feature provides details like mood, genre, and musical attributes to find the most suitable and copyright-friendly music, thereby offering improved music resources for creative projects.

The text-to-music functionality enables users to discover fitting music based on textual content, plot summaries, and keywords. This feature effectively matches music with text, resulting in a more cohesive integration of music and written materials.


Video Analysis Techniques:

A key component of the A.V. Mapping platform is its AI-powered recognition and analysis of video content for accurate soundtrack recommendations. Here is an in-depth overview of the video analysis techniques:

Character, Time, and Location Recognition: The AI technology automatically detects elements such as characters, scenes, time, and location within the video. This ensures that the chosen music closely aligns with the video’s context and background for personalized musical selections.

Shot Rhythm Analysis: The AI can assess the rhythm sense of the video by understanding rhythm variations between different scenes and transitions. This feature helps choose fitting music that synchronizes with the video’s rhythm for an enhanced viewing experience.

Color Tone Analysis: Utilizing AI-driven recognition, A.V. Mapping evaluates color tones and styles within the video. This is essential for selecting suitable music styles, ensuring that the chosen music matches the visual style of the video, creating a consistent artistic tone.

Text Analysis Techniques:

Besides video analysis, the A.V. Mapping platform also incorporates text analysis techniques capable of extracting vital information from plot summaries and CUE sheets for improved music recommendations. Here’s a detailed look at these text analysis techniques:

Plot Summary Analysis:

The AI system accurately interprets plot summaries, extracting deeper insights into storylines and emotional expressions in videos. This integration allows the music to better align with the video’s emotions and narrative direction.

CUE Sheet Analysis:

CUE sheets provide specific timestamps and scene descriptions requiring music in videos. AI technology effectively translates these sheets into precise musical requirements, helping creators choose appropriate music segments.

Music Analysis Techniques:

A.V. Mapping employs advanced music analysis techniques to determine emotional, stylistic, and musical attributes from audio tracks and intelligently match them to video requirements.

Emotion Analysis:

The AI system detects emotions within music, such as happiness, sadness, tension, and more. This process allows for better emotional alignment between music and video content, enhancing audience engagement and experiences.

Style Analysis:

AI efficiently identifies different musical styles like pop, classical, rock, etc. Based on video style and ambience, it smartly pairs suitable music genres, creating a harmonious fusion between audio and visual components.

Musical Characteristic Analysis:

AI examines essential musical aspects like rhythm and tempo. This evaluation is crucial for determining the appropriate rhythm dynamics for videos, ensuring that the soundtrack aligns with the video’s rhythm changes.

By combining these three primary analysis categories, the A.V. Mapping platform delivers comprehensive, intelligent audiovisual music services. This solution enables creators to concentrate on their artistic vision while increasing efficiency and enhancing the overall quality of their work.

Chapter 4: Further Technological Applications of A.V. Mapping

Personalized Film Music Recommendation:

Section 4-A :

Exploring A.V. Mapping’s facial recognition AI technology that produces personalized video music recommendations based on facial expressions and identity data from uploaded files. Creators can use these tailored suggestions to imbue their works with their unique style and improve the originality and quality of their output.

Section 4-B: Frame-by-Frame Analysis of Dynamic Videos

The frame-by-frame analysis method for dynamic videos. This technique allows creators to examine their video’s “shot breakdown”, leading to a deeper understanding of the video’s rhythm and content. In turn, this knowledge empowers creators to quickly master audiovisual storytelling skills.

Frame-by-frame analysis is a technique for examining videos or animations by scrutinizing each individual frame. This method enables a thorough understanding of a video’s components, such as content, rhythm, visuals, and editing. In machine learning applications, this approach is often utilized for automated processing and interpretation of videos or animations.

Integrating frame-by-frame analysis into A.V. Mapping’s services can considerably improve the effectiveness and quality of audiovisual content development. The benefits include:

  1. Increased Efficiency in Video Creation: With A.V. Mapping’s frame-by-frame analysis technology, creators can quickly grasp the video’s content and rhythm, expediting editing and post-production processes. As a result, creators can concentrate more on the creative aspects, thus enhancing overall efficiency.
  2. Personalized Creative Suggestions: A.V. Mapping’s in-depth frame-by-frame analysis allows for customized creative recommendations based on the video’s content and rhythm. The AI system can suggest suitable music, sound effects, and color tones to help creators produce unique and high-quality work.
  3. Automated Tagging and Indexing: A.V. Mapping’s AI system can automatically tag scenes, objects, and actions within the video using frame-by-frame analysis. This facilitates easy search and management of video assets while improving creative organization and efficiency.
  4. Automated Editing and Sound Design: Utilizing frame-by-frame analysis, A.V. Mapping’s AI system can detect crucial scenes and engaging segments, automatically coordinating them with appropriate editing techniques and sound design elements. This not only streamlines the editing process but also ensures a quality creative output.

Frame-by-frame analysis is an analytical approach for videos or animations, involving detailed analysis and study of each frame individually. Each frame constitutes a single image of the video, and videos are constructed from these frames. Frame-by-frame analysis aids in understanding the video’s content, rhythm, visual design, and editing, thus comprehending the structure and content presentation of the video.

In the context of machine learning, frame-by-frame analysis is commonly used for automatic processing and understanding of videos or animations.

Section 4-C: Static Image Color Card Creation

A.V. Mapping’s static image color card creation technique is introduced. Through this technology, creators can identify color code palettes for each frame, aiding them in better controlling the image’s tone and style. This results in more exquisite and professional-looking works.

A.V. Mapping’s static image color card creation technique, when integrated with its advantages, empowers creators to have better control over the image’s tone and style. The benefits of this technology include:

Crafting Personalized Visual Styles: A.V. Mapping’s color card creation technology allows creators to identify color code palettes for each frame, ensuring that the image’s tone and style align with the creator’s unique aesthetic. Defining specific color tones, color combinations, and visual effects enables creators to present their distinct visual style, enhancing individualization and recognizability.

Establishing Emotional Ambience: Color plays a crucial role in expressing emotions through visuals. A.V. Mapping’s color card creation technology enables creators to precisely adjust colors and tonalities, thereby establishing emotional atmospheres that suit the storyline. Whether conveying warmth, romance, suspense, or thrill, careful color design enhances the audience’s perception and resonance.

Elevating Video Professionalism: By utilizing A.V. Mapping’s color card creation technology, creators can enhance the visual appeal and professionalism of their works. Appropriate color adjustments and visual style designs elevate the overall visual quality and attractiveness of their creations, attracting more viewers and users.

Time-Efficient Post-Production: Traditionally, post-production color correction for videos is labor-intensive and time-consuming, requiring frame-by-frame adjustments. A.V. Mapping’s color card creation technology allows creators to design suitable color patterns and tones in advance, which can then be applied to the entire video, significantly saving post-production time and effort while boosting efficiency.

A.V. Mapping’s static image color card creation technology empowers creators to exert better control over their visuals’ tone and style, resulting in works that are more personalized and professional. This technology facilitates the expression of a unique visual style, the creation of emotional atmospheres, and the enhancement of overall visual quality, while also saving time and effort in post-production.

Section 4-D: Noise Reduction for Sound

This chapter provides an in-depth introduction to A.V. Mapping’s noise reduction technology for sound. In the realm of audiovisual production, there are instances when audio requires noise reduction. Through AI-driven processing, A.V. Mapping is capable of automatically performing the equivalent of ten thousand minutes of noise reduction work in just fifteen minutes, significantly saving creators’ time and effort.

Section 4-D.1: Contemporary AI Applications in the Field of Speech

We delve into the third application of AI in the realm of speech, focusing on noise reduction and the separation of vocals from background sounds. This section discusses the challenges and limitations of traditional noise reduction methods and how AI technologies further improve this field, making it an invaluable aid for audiovisual creators.

Section 4-D.2: Advantages of A.V. Mapping’s Noise Reduction Technology

This section elaborates on the advantages of A.V. Mapping’s noise reduction technology. This innovation strives to provide accessible AI-driven acoustic recognition technology, spanning various industry applications, including digital music post-production, music education, corporate interviews, and machine anomaly detection. The training and learning process are explored, showcasing how consumers can effortlessly access the services of professional sound engineers and significantly enhance video quality.

Section 4-D.3: Contrasting with Traditional Approaches and Application Flexibility

Comparing A.V. Mapping’s noise reduction technology with conventional methods, traditional techniques often involve indiscriminate removal of all background noise, which can result in audio that sounds artificial. In contrast, A.V. Mapping’s AI technology enables adjustment of the vocal/noise ratio according to user needs, catering to diverse application scenarios. Application flexibility is explored, along with how to ensure the removal of background noise while preserving the authenticity and naturalness of vocals.

Section 4-D.4: Impact and Value in the Audiovisual Creation Sphere

This section explores the impact and value brought about by A.V. Mapping’s noise reduction technology in the realm of audiovisual creation. This technology enables audiovisual creators to effortlessly enhance the audio quality of their works, allowing audiences to focus more on the content while achieving a more professional outcome. Particular emphasis is placed on the significance for individual YouTubers and online educators, enabling them to enjoy high-quality audio processing even on a limited budget.

Section 4-E: Sound Design

This chapter introduces A.V. Mapping’s sound design technology. Sound design often requires a significant amount of time and effort, but with AI technology, creators can receive quicker assistance in sound design. This reduces the complexity of design and allows creators to concentrate more on the creative process.

Unique Sound Effect Creation: Some videos or games may necessitate unique sound effects to express specific scenes or characters’ personalities. Through A.V. Mapping’s sound project development technology, creators can generate distinctive sound effects that match the needs of their work, infusing it with a unique style.

Section 4-F: Sound Project Development

Sound project development technology is another crucial function offered by the A.V. Mapping platform. In audiovisual creation, there are instances when specialized sound processing is required, such as creating unique sound effects or music compositions to enhance creativity and uniqueness. A.V. Mapping’s sound project development technology fulfills these specialized sound processing needs, providing creators with greater freedom for expression. Examples of its applications include:

Customized Music Recommendation: Some videos or games may demand entirely customized music recommendations to highlight their uniqueness and atmosphere. A.V. Mapping can provide sound project development, enabling collaboration between creators and composers to create music that perfectly fits the needs of the work, achieving a flawless presentation.

Specialized Sound Processing: In certain situations, videos or games might require specialized sound processing, such as simulating sound effects in unique environments or creating fictional sound effects. A.V. Mapping’s technology can fulfill these specialized sound processing requirements, enabling creators to realize their creative ideas more effectively.

Section 4-G: Server Security

Security Dashboard Tracking Platform

In today’s digital age, server security is of utmost importance. Our platform features a centralized dashboard that allows users to manage security alerts and findings from various services and products within their environment. This dashboard serves as a convenient center for monitoring and managing security events, protecting servers and data effectively.

The Security Dashboard operates by integrating security findings from multiple sources, offering automated best practice checks and detailed reports on alerts. It can automate the resolution of certain security vulnerabilities and manage alert outcomes based on user-defined actions. These evaluations and results are scored using industry standards, helping users quickly identify accounts and resources that need attention while providing ongoing security assessments.

Security Dashboard offers several benefits:

  1. Streamlined information gathering across multiple accounts by consolidating security findings from various services and products.
  2. Automated features, including customized actions for specific findings, speeding up response time.
  3. Continuous security evaluations in line with industry standards and best practices, helping users understand and improve their account security.

Some common use cases for the Security Dashboard include:

  1. Ongoing scanning of environments to identify configuration errors and aggregate account-specific security check results.
  2. Simplifying classification and prioritizing important findings or events.
  3. Managing compliance with A.V. Mapping’s integrated mapping capabilities.

The security dashboard A.V. Mapping integrated plays a critical role in enhancing server security in the digital world. It offers a central location for managing security alerts, automating evaluations, and adhering to industry standards and best practices.

Exceptional Security, Performance, and Reliability

A cloud platform, utilized by millions of online properties for its exceptional security, performance, and reliability, is now integrated into A.V. Mapping’s audio-visual platform.


The growing demand for constant connectivity and the increasing need for secure, fast, and resilient networks have paved the way for new solutions in the audio-visual industry. A.V. Mapping employs AI-driven audio-visual technology that ensures global reach and seamless user experience.

The Advantage of Worldwide Connectivity

Through its advanced AI-based solutions, A.V. Mapping has transformed how visuals are paired with music, catering to creators all over the world. By integrating a powerful global network that handles a significant percentage of worldwide internet traffic, A.V. Mapping ensures swift and secure delivery of its solutions to users.

Improved Audio-Visual Experiences

1. Quick Delivery:

A.V. Mapping’s platform, combined with fast global network speeds, allows users to enjoy speedier audio-visual matching and content delivery.

2. Safety Guard

The state-of-the-art threat intelligence integrated into A.V. Mapping’s platform guarantees a secure environment for creators and users.

An All-Inclusive Security System for Audio-Visual Content

By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning capabilities, A.V. Mapping improves its AI algorithms to ensure audio-visual content remains protected from threats and unauthorized access.

Privacy Compliance and Data Protection

End-to-end encryption of audio-visual data on the A.V. Mapping platform grants users peace of mind regarding the privacy of their content and adherence to local regulations.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Audio-Visual Sector

For larger organizations, A.V. Mapping offers custom tools, analytics, and support tailored to their requirements. Enterprises can benefit from this all-in-one solution in terms of enhanced security and guaranteed performance.

In conclusion, the incorporation of powerful global network technology into A.V. Mapping’s platform represents a major advancement in the audio-visual industry. This fusion harnesses the strengths of both components to provide creators and users with secure, efficient, and next-level audio-visual experiences.

Section 4-H: Image Segmentation

Leveraging Image Segmentation Technology

1. Introduction:

A.V. MAPPING is a platform focused on music and sound effect matching, utilizing AI to assist creators in swiftly identifying suitable music. This document explores the potential of enhancing this process using Image Segmentation technology.

2. Definition of Image Segmentation:

Image Segmentation is the process of dividing a digital image into multiple segments or regions, each of which shares similar features or semantics. This allows systems to better comprehend the content and context of an image.

3. Rationale for Applying Image Segmentation:

Increased Accuracy: By understanding each segment of an image, the AI can match music and sound effects with greater precision.

Personalized Experience: Based on the distinct segments of an image, the AI can offer more tailored music suggestions.

4. Implementation Steps:

Data Collection:

Gather data from images and videos uploaded by users.


Clean and format the data to make it suitable for Image Segmentation.

Model Training:

Train the Image Segmentation model using labeled data.


Integrate the trained model into the A.V. MAPPING platform.

Music Matching:

Based on the results of image segmentation, the AI recommends appropriate music and sound effects.

5. Outcomes and Benefits:

By employing Image Segmentation technology, A.V. MAPPING can interpret image content more effectively, leading to more accurate music matches. This not only elevates user satisfaction but also boosts platform engagement.

Image Segmentation technology offers A.V. MAPPING a powerful tool to better serve its users. As the technology evolves further, we anticipate A.V. Mapping introducing more innovative features, delivering increased value to creators.

4-I: Music for Video AI Discovery Platform

Harnessing the Technical Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence

A.V. Mapping platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the diverse needs of creators, from personalized film music recommendations to advanced sound project development.

Furthermore, the Music for Video AI Discovery Platform excels in sound design and sound project development. It simplifies the creation of unique sound effects and customized music for video recommendations.

In summary, the Music for Video AI Platform embodies the technical capabilities of artificial intelligence, this platform can empower creators to realize their visions with unprecedented ease.

Feature Description
Personalized Film Music Recommendations Utilizes facial recognition AI to match video music.
Dynamic Video Analysis Enhancing video creation efficiency with personalized suggestions, automated tagging, indexing, and editing.
Static Image Color Card Creation Identifies color code palettes for each frame, allowing creators to control the tone and style of their images.
Noise Reduction Technology Automates the noise reduction process, separating vocals from background sounds.
AI Music Discovery Platform Simplifies sound design and project development, facilitating collaboration between creator and filmmaker.

Chapter 5: Video and Music Matching AI


5-A: Challenges in Media Matching within the Creative Field

In the realm of content creation, creators often require fitting music or soundtracks to enhance their works, a step that has consistently held significant importance. However, due to copyright concerns associated with music licensing, the execution of this process has historically involved intricate communication procedures, resulting in extended creative timelines.  ~~~~Creators typically have to listen to music piece by piece, conduct database searches, and then engage in negotiations with film composers and copyright holders, a procedure that can span several months..

5-B: Enhancing Efficiency in Licensing Time


To address the protracted duration of music licensing in the creation field, A.V. Mapping has emerged. This platform combines artificial intelligence-driven automatic music to video recommendation with sound effects, utilizing technologies such as music and image AI matching and AI cloud computing boxes. Through these innovative technologies, A.V. Mapping detects real-life scenarios and recommends suitable music for creators based on video content, text, storyline analysis, and more.

Additionally, through our platform’s creative marketplace, A.V. Mapping resolves music licensing challenges, enabling creators to efficiently access music materials. Whereas traditional music licensing methods previously took several months or even longer, A.V. Mapping completes the matching process in just 8 seconds, resulting in a remarkable speed improvement of over 2,000 times. This means that visual content creators no longer need to invest substantial time in seeking suitable music, allowing them to expedite the transformation of creative ideas into reality and injecting a powerful boost into the global industry’s development.

A.V. Mapping is deeply committed to safeguarding the rights of creators and musicians. All transactions are conducted openly and transparently under protected copyright agreements. The company has garnered legal support and secured innovative patents.

A.V. Mapping uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze visuals and music, ensuring a perfect match for every project.With collaborations spanning 78 countries, A.V. Mapping is truly a global player in the industry.

A.V. Mapping has a unique approach to music copyrights, ensuring that artists retain ownership and are fairly compensated.

Benefits for Creators:

  • Time-Saving: With AI handling the heavy lifting, creators can focus on what they do best - creating.
  • Monetization: A.V. Mapping offers a platform for musicians to monetize their creations, with a transparent and fair revenue-sharing model.
  • Global Exposure: With a presence in 78 countries, artists and creators have the opportunity to showcase their work on a global stage.

5-D: AI Model Optimizations for Music for Video Discovery

The A.V. Mapping platform boasts 14 AI models, encompassing analysis capabilities for video, images, text, and music. With the integration of these AI models and patented technologies, A.V. Mapping significantly improves its accuracy in matching suitable music materials. By utilizing the music available on the A.V. Mapping platform, visual content creators save time spent searching for music for video, affording them access to a broader source of information.

5-E: Advantages of A.V. Mapping and the Transformative Effects of Matching

The benefits of A.V. Mapping extends beyond expediting the music licensing process; A.V. Mapping offers a more favorable feedback mechanism for film composers. Traditional music for video matching platforms typically provide limited feedback opportunities for music composers, which can be unfavorable to their interests. In contrast, A.V. Mapping allows film composers to set prices for their music, thereby expanding their revenue streams. This approach welcomes not only renowned music composers but also individuals with the ability to create music for video. This transformation will inspire greater participation in music composition, enrich music resources, and drive the growth of the music and film industry.

Through the A.V. Mapping platform, the matching of music and visual content becomes more efficient and convenient. This will further propel the development of the creation field and foster prosperity within the global industry. The continuous innovation and refinement of this technology will unlock more possibilities for creators, enhancing the depth of emotional experiences and sensations for audiences when appreciating visual content.

5-F: A.V. Mapping’s API is open for Integration & Cooperation

1. Integrate A.V. Mapping API and Unlock Infinite Storytelling Potential

In this era of information explosion, creators are constantly seeking new ways to convey their stories and ideas. In the age of AI, creators have generated an abundance of text. Subsequently, with the advent of AIGC, they have produced numerous images, branching out into videos.


However, in the conveyance of text, images, and videos, it seems like something is missing, that element is auditory – it’s music.

The interplay with human emotions has always been one of the most beautiful moments in art.

Now, with the A.V. Mapping API service, we guide you into a completely new realm. We combine your videos, photos, music, images, text, and scripts with professional soundtracks to create a unique artistic experience.

2. Addressing the Auditory Gap in Digital Content Creation with A.V. Mapping API:

Recognizing the profound impact that music has on enhancing the narrative and emotional depth of digital content, yet observing its notable absence in much of today’s content creation, we have dedicated ourselves to solving this critical issue. To bridge this gap, we have developed an innovative API service that not only facilitates the integration of music into digital content but also leverages three sophisticated algorithms to ensure the perfect match between content and music.

Our API service, designed to recommend music for videos online, transforms content ranging from videos, images, photos, and texts to scripts and prompts into enriched creations with licensed music from talented musicians. This initiative not only enhances the content creation process but also supports musicians by promoting the use of licensed music.

Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, our video to music AI API service meticulously analyzes content to match it with music that mirrors the mood and tempo of the visuals. Developers have the liberty to choose from a variety of pre-defined musical styles—be it cinematic, upbeat, or suspenseful—or to tailor the music selection to fit their unique requirements.

This video to music AI API service is designed to conserve developers’ time and resources, offering them an extensive array of musical options to elevate their projects.

The API service is engineered for seamless integration into any software or app, enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate matched music into their projects in real-time. Additionally, the service is accessible as a standalone platform, where users can upload their content and receive a professionally produced soundtrack in minutes.

3. Unleash the Magic of Creativity:

A.V. Mapping’s API service is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for creativity. This API blends artificial intelligence, machine learning, and music for video engineering technology, enabling you to effortlessly create original music and sound effects in your applications, software, or projects. From text to speech, images to music, our API supports conversions in various formats to make your content more vivid.

The service has already garnered positive feedback from developers in the gaming and entertainment industries. One gaming developer shared their experience, noting the impressive results and how the music perfectly captured the mood and atmosphere of their game.

4. Additional Information:

  • Service Type: AI-powered Music Recommendation for Videos
  • Pricing: Starting at $49/month
  • Document: English completed API Documents


  • Primary Users: Software/App Developers, Game Producers, Video Websites
  • Input Types: Video, Image, Audio, Text, Scripts, Prompts
  • Music License: Yes
  • Integration: Real-time with software/apps
  • Standalone Platform Availability: Yes
  • More details, visit the company’s website.
  • To get the API key, fill out this form or email [email protected] after checking the price.
  • Contact Email: [email protected]
Feature Description
Service Type AI-powered Music Recommendation for Videos
Pricing Starting at $49/month
Primary Users Software/App Developers, Game Producers, Video Websites
Input Types Video, Image, Audio, Text, Scripts, Prompts
Music License Yes
Integration Real-time with software/apps
Standalone Platform Availability Yes

Chapter 6: Reviving Creative Industry

6-A: The Challenge of Finding Suitable Music for Visual Creators

In today’s music and visual industries, a significant issue that cannot be overlooked is the challenge faced by visual creators in finding suitable music for their projects. Despite the unprecedented convenience brought by advancements in digital technology, which has made music creation and sharing easier, the works of music or soundtrack creators often remain difficult for their target audience to discover and appreciate.

In the contemporary digital content creation ecosystem, visual creators encounter a substantial challenge: the arduous task of identifying the optimal musical accompaniment for their video content. This process, traditionally characterized by the manual perusal of extensive music libraries, demands significant time and effort, often detracting from the creative process.

For professionals engaged in the production of movies, short films, TV series, and other visual content, finding music that matches the atmosphere of their visual work is a time-consuming and often challenging task. This is not only due to the vast number of musical works available in the market but also due to the lack of effective platforms or mechanisms to facilitate direct communication and collaboration between visual creators and music creators.

Moreover, the works of music creators often get buried among the massive amount of digital content, making it difficult for them to gain the exposure they deserve. This not only limits the application scope of their works but also affects their business opportunities in music creation. Although the application scope of music works is expanding, effectively connecting these works with visual creators who need them remains an unresolved issue.

Therefore, establishing a platform or system that promotes collaboration between music creators and filmmakers(video creators) becomes particularly important. A.V. Mapping not only helps video creators find suitable music for their projects more quickly but also provides a stage for music creators to showcase their talents, thereby achieving a win-win situation for both parties. This move would not only enhance the visibility of musical works but also contribute to the development of the global music and visual industries.

6-B: Revolutionizing Content Creation: Solving Visual Creators’ Challenges with AI Algorithms

1. Recognizing this critical pain point

“Transform Artist Time into Treasure.”- A.V. Mapping

We’ve developed the A.V. Mapping platform, an advanced platform powered by artificial intelligence, engineered to expedite and refine the music for video selection process for video creators. Leveraging sophisticated AI algorithms, A.V. Mapping analyzes the thematic and emotional nuances of video content to recommend the most fitting musical pieces from a comprehensive database of works by global creators. This AI-driven approach not only streamlines the search process but also ensures a harmonious alignment between video content and musical accompaniment, thereby enhancing the overall impact and viewer engagement.

A.V. Mapping’s AI algorithms are designed with a dual focus: efficiency in matching and supporting the creative economy. Unlike platforms that rely on generative AI to produce content, A.V. Mapping emphasizes recommendation, curation, and profit-sharing among creators. This model promotes a sustainable ecosystem where both visual creators and musicians can thrive, supported by the equitable distribution of revenues generated from their collaborative efforts.

A.V. Mapping’s AI capabilities extend beyond mere matchmaking. A.V. Mapping’s algorithms continuously learn from user interactions, feedback, and success metrics, enabling the system to refine its recommendations over time. This iterative learning process ensures that A.V. Mapping remains at the forefront of technological innovation, consistently delivering value to its user base.

By adopting A.V. Mapping creators not only alleviate the burden of music selection for videos but also contribute to a vibrant community of artists. A.V. Mapping fosters a collaborative environment where creativity is rewarded, and mutual success is the cornerstone of every interaction.

In summary, A.V. Mapping represents a paradigm shift in the digital content creation landscape. Through the application of advanced AI algorithms, we address the longstanding challenge of music selection for video content, facilitating a seamless, efficient, and collaborative creative process. Our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of the creator community underscores our vision: to empower creators with tools that enhance their work while fostering an ecosystem of collaboration and support.

2. Algorithm:

A.V. Mapping allows users to choose from three updated algorithms, each with their own focus:

  • Sonnet for emotional and textual analysis.
  • Sonata for image analysis & categorization.
  • Mosaic : Mainly focus on music similarity, reference music analysis.

These flexible analysis options enable users to find the best-fitting music for video according to their priorities.

A.V. Mapping focuses on facilitating connections between creators, ensuring that technology like AI serves as a bridge to amplify and elevate quality works rather than acting as a standalone creator. To achieve this, we have introduced a new suite of search algorithms focused on emotional and lexical analysis (Sonnet), image analysis combined with music categorization (Sonata), and reference music similarity analysis (Mosaic).


Sonnet deeps into the emotional and lexical content of musical works, accurately capturing and reflecting the emotional intentions of the creators. This is particularly crucial for compositions that are rich in emotional depth, ensuring that the essence of the creator’s vision is conveyed effectively.


By integrating image analysis with music categorization, Sonata ensures a more precise and harmonious match between music and visual content. This is especially important for projects where music and visuals need to be closely intertwined, such as in film and advertising productions.


Mosaic offers a more diverse range of musical choices, helping creators discover music that aligns with the style of their work. This approach opens up new possibilities for creative exploration and expression.

Algorithm Description Key Features
Sonnet Delves into the emotional and lexical content of musical works to accurately capture creators’ intentions Analyzes emotional nuances,
reflects emotional depth effectively
Sonata Integrates image analysis with music categorization for precise and harmonious matches between music and visual content Enhances alignment between music and visuals, suitable for film and advertising productions
Mosaic Offers a diverse range of musical choices to align with the style of creators’ work, fostering creative exploration and expression Provides a variety of musical options, facilitates creative discovery

6-C: Good Music Deserve More Applause

1. The Current State of Music Creations:

  • The global music creation landscape is witnessing a thriving trend due to rapid advancements in digital technology. Music creators now have more opportunities to compose, record, and distribute their works. The barriers to music creation have been reduced, enabling individuals to record from their homes using computers or smartphones and share their creations online. This convenience has led to an increasing number of people engaging in music creation, bringing diverse voices and creativity to the music and film industry.

2. Transformation in Global Content Productions:

  • Previously, many music creations were confined to personal hardware, limiting their reach and application. However, with the booming development of the global media industry, the scope of music creations’ application has expanded significantly. Music is no longer limited to recording studios or stages; it has become a part of media productions such as movies, short films, TV series on platforms like Netflix, and global advertisements.

This transformation allows the music of creators to be appreciated and used by more people, offering them enhanced business opportunities. When a music work becomes the theme song of a film or TV series, it not only generates copyright revenue for creators but also spreads their music globally, elevating their fame and influence.

3. Tapping into Potential: Applying Creators’ Music in Global Media

Despite the increasing number of individuals in the music creation field, the actual number of music creators catering to the market’s potential demand remains relatively low. High demand for high-quality music in the global media industry continues to rise, presenting significant development opportunities for creators.

However, many exceptional music creators lack opportunities and platforms to bring their works to a broader audience. This is why A.V. Mapping matches creators is crucial. Helping uncover the latent potential in music creation, aligning exceptional music works with global media projects, granting more creators to participate in global film and multimedia production.

Despite the growth in the number of creators, the potential demand in the market remains substantial. A.V. Mapping matches creators tap into this potential, enabling music works to reach better development and gain broader application in global media, thus providing creators with more business opportunities and recognition. This also aligns with A.V. Mapping’s mission of connecting creators and giving music a renewed life.

4. Seizing the Latent Opportunities: Integrating Music into International Media

While there’s been a surge in musical enthusiasts and aspirants, the segment of artists truly catering to the market’s insatiable appetite is still narrow. The clamor for stellar music in global entertainment is relentless, paving the way for artists to scale new heights.

Yet, many gifted artists are sidelined, missing the platforms to showcase their genius to wider audiences. This underscores the urgency for a conduit that bridges these creators with opportunities. Such a bridge can unearth the dormant talents in music, pairing standout tracks with international media ventures, thus inviting a broader spectrum of artists into the global entertainment fold.

6-D: Deep Dive into Copyrights:

For creators, copyright isn’t just a legal term—it’s the backbone of their creative and financial security. It assures that their intellectual property is safeguarded, granting them exclusive rights to their compositions. This not only ensures monetary gains when their works are used but also gives them control over where and how their creations are leveraged.

Moreover, with A.V. Mapping, there’s an inherent need to elucidate clear usage guidelines and privacy protocols. Ensuring that artists understand the extent to which their works can be used, and the data associated with their creations remains confidential, is paramount.

While the ranks of music creators have swelled, a vast potential remains untapped. A.V. Mapping acting as a matchmaker can unlock this dormant potential, propelling music to wider audiences and applications, all the while ensuring artists’ rights are uncompromised. This vision aligns seamlessly with A.V. Mapping’s ethos: to rejuvenate music by fostering connections between creators, delve into the fusion of the following key points:

Understanding and Navigating Copyrights: Expertise in music reproduction rights, public rights, and agency authorization. Serving users in 126 countries, participating in over a hundred accelerator events and international exhibitions, and featured in 5,000 news media outlets. Addressing Generative AI Concerns:

  • Google with GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield
  • Facebook with Data Protection, German’s Antitrust
  • British Airways
  • Generative AI cases in California, US Court

Emphasizing Creator Voices:

Navigating Copyright and Future Challenges: Staying ahead in handling copyright issues and preparing for future industry shifts. At A.V. Mapping, we’re pioneering a new era in music creation, blending traditional elements with modern sounds and opening doors to uncharted musical styles. The platform is a hub for creativity, inviting collaborations across disciplines to redefine music,fostering an environment where technology and humanity coexist and thrive.

Collaboration Across Fields:

A.V. Mapping stands as an all-in-one AI imaging and music platform, revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

We believe in the power of merging diverse skills and knowledge. A.V. Mapping encourages collaborations between artists and tech experts, fostering innovation and unique music experiences.

Transforming Performance and Production:

Technology reshapes music creation and live performances, offering tools for dynamic and immersive experiences. We’re excited to partner with artists and producers to explore new realms in music for video.

6-E: Maximizing Music Value

The World’s Only Music for Video AI Matching:

  • The process of selecting music is vital yet time-consuming. Traditional music licensing methods require several months, if not longer, which not only consumes time but also hinders creative realization.
  • A.V Mapping is a platform that combines AI-driven automatic music and sound effects matching. Utilizing music and image AI matching technology along with AI cloud computing, A.V. Mapping can automatically match music for video within a mere 8 seconds, revolutionizing the intricate and time-consuming traditional music licensing process.

Importance of Enhancing Transaction Process Efficiency

  • Time is money. Especially in the creative industry. Through A.V Mapping’s technology, the overall operational speed is improved by over 2,000 times, eliminating the need for visual content creators to invest significant time in finding suitable music for video. This efficient transaction process enables creators to swiftly materialize their creative ideas, enhancing their work efficiency and productivity. Moreover, A.V Mapping’s AI-driven music for video matching service provides diverse and flexible music options, allowing creators to precisely select music that complements their video content.

The Influence of Music Experts on Enhancing Video Quality

  • While A.V Mapping platform boasts advanced AI technology, the role of music experts in enhancing video production quality cannot be underestimated. AI-driven automatic music for video matching can recommend suitable music based on real-life scenarios, video content, text, and storyline analysis. However, the expertise and professional knowledge of music experts can further enhance music’s expressiveness and suitability. Music experts can adjust the rhythm, pitch, and emotions of the music according to the film’s emotions and atmosphere, achieving optimal integration. Their involvement ensures harmony between music and visuals, offering more personalized music choices for video.

While AI resolves the issue of lengthy music licensing in content creation and enhances transaction process efficiency, the involvement of music experts remains indispensable. They can elevate the quality of video, making a more significant impact in the global content production industry.

6-F: Justice, Fairness, and Transparency

Transparency and Openness of A.V. Mapping

  • A.V. Mapping upholds the values of justice, fairness, and transparency, ensuring transparency in all transactions and authorization processes. Through blockchain technology, all transaction records are permanently stored on the public blockchain, allowing all parties involved to access transaction details, ensuring the authenticity and fairness of transactions. This transparency fosters trust among music creators and visual content creators, ensuring their rights are fairly respected.

Convenience of Accessing All Details Online

  • A.V. Mapping platform provides the convenience of accessing all details online, allowing creators to query their transaction and authorization records anytime, anywhere. Creators no longer need to wait for months to receive reports; they can instantly learn about the application of their music in global media projects and corresponding copyright revenues. This convenient query function empowers creators to better understand their copyright status and make wiser business decisions.

Significance and Benefits of On-chain Tracking

  • Through blockchain’s on-chain tracking technology, A.V. Mapping platform achieves comprehensive copyright tracking. From music creation to authorization and final application, all copyright information is recorded on an immutable blockchain. This means that any authorization action can be accurately traced back to its source, preventing copyright theft and infringement.

On-chain tracking also ensures that creators receive fair copyright revenues. As all transaction records are public, creators can verify the accurate recording of their music’s use in global media works, thereby ensuring they receive due copyright revenue. This also benefits visual content creators, ensuring that the music materials they use are legally authorized, avoiding copyright disputes and legal risks.

A.V. Mapping platform’s core values of justice, fairness, and transparency ensure that creators’ copyrights are fully protected and that they receive fair copyright revenue. Simultaneously, this guarantees that visual content creators can use music materials through legal authorization, avoiding copyright disputes and infringement risks. This transparent transaction environment will foster greater trust and development opportunities within the global video creation industry.

Transaction Details Management


My Transaction Detail: A.V. Mapping provides a user-friendly and detailed transaction log for music creators and sellers. It is designed to offer insights into sales performance, track revenue, and manage financial records related to music transactions.

6-G: Success Cases of Matching Music for Video

  • Inner Journeys of Top Creators
  • International Collaboration and Global Impact
  • User Base
    • Hollywood & Netflix series film production
    • Television studio from US, UK, TW
    • Producers
    • Composers
    • Internationally renowned media companies
    • United Nations
    • U.S. Department of State
    • Television networks
    • Prominent recording studios
    • Brands: Multinational advertising agencies, UNIQLO, hospitals, government agencies
    • Technology companies: YouTube, Meta, NVIDIA, and more.
  • User Case: Meta x She Means Business Video Interview

“She Means Business” under Meta Corporation, had spent two months finding suitable music for an interview video unsuccessfully. They utilized the A.V. Mapping platform, which provided reference music and the keyword “touching” based on the video content. Within 10 minutes, the program reanalyzed three times and recommended a total of nine pieces of music.  Meta selected one of the recommended music pieces that night. Bringing an end to over two months of music-searching nightmares.

Chapter 7: Embracing WEB3 Blockchain Technology


With the rise of artificial intelligence, copyright issues have become increasingly serious. In 2023, artificial intelligence has proliferated across various domains, and copyright protection has emerged as a future trend. To address this issue, we propose an innovative solution that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to safeguard copyright and provide more opportunities for creators.

A.V. Mapping facilitates rapid matching between creators and demand through AI technology, while utilizing blockchain technology to encrypt copyright protection and ensure online anti-counterfeiting security. We envision creators being able to sit at home and connect with the world through our platform, with each creation becoming a unique intellectual property, showcasing a constantly evolving world.

7-A. Blockchain technology key features

  1. Decentralization:

A.V. Mapping operates on a decentralized computer network, eliminating the need for central authority or intermediaries.

  1. Advantages of Decentralized Data Storage:
  • Enhanced Resilience: Decentralized data storage reduces the risk of data loss due to hardware failures or attacks on central servers.
  • Improved Accessibility: Users can access data from different locations without relying on a single central server, increasing accessibility and availability.
  • Enhanced Security: Decentralized storage reduces the risks of data leaks and unauthorized access since there is no single point of vulnerability.
  • Cost Efficiency: It eliminates the need for expensive data centers, reducing organizational infrastructure costs.
  • Data Ownership: Users have greater control and ownership over their data as they can securely store it on their own devices or store it in encrypted form on the blockchain.
  1. Transparency:

All participants in the blockchain network can access the same information, ensuring transparency and reducing the potential for fraud.

  1. Immutability:

Once data is recorded in a block and added to the blockchain, it cannot be changed or deleted, ensuring data integrity.

  1. Security:

Blockchain uses encryption technology to protect data and transactions, giving it anti-hacking and tamper-resistant properties.

  1. Consensus Mechanism:

The network relies on consensus algorithms to verify and agree on the state of the blockchain, ensuring trust and accuracy.

  1. Blockchain Technology and Data Security:

Blockchain technology enhances data security through its decentralized and immutable characteristics. Since data is stored in multiple blocks across the network, malicious users find it challenging to alter or destroy information. Additionally, encryption algorithms protect data, ensuring that only authorized parties can access and modify it. These features make blockchain a robust solution for safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating the risks of data breaches.

7-B. Applications of Blockchain in the A.V. Mapping Platform


Blockchain can be applied to the music and video industries to address various challenges such as piracy, copyright issues, and royalty distribution. By registering music and video content on the blockchain, artists and content creators can establish immutable ownership records and trace the origin of their work. Smart contracts can also automatically execute royalty payments, ensuring that artists receive fair compensation when their content is used or accessed.

Data Encryption and Privacy Protection:

Data encryption involves converting plaintext into ciphertext using encryption algorithms, making it unreadable without the correct decryption key. Encryption enhances data security, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected even if accessed by unauthorized individuals. By incorporating encryption technology into data storage and communication processes, organizations can enhance privacy protection and maintain the confidentiality of data.

Blockchain Technology has been Verified by 300M data point

  • Data Security and Authentication
    • The 300 Million Data Point Verification System: The core strength of Numbers Protocol lies in its powerful verification system, which conducts precise validations through 300 million data points. This ensures the highest level of security and reliability for the data provided to the A.V. Mapping platform.
  • Data Integrity Assurance:
    • This technology ensures that all music and video content are processed through the A.V. Mapping platform undergoes rigorous data integrity checks, ensuring the authenticity and unaltered state of the content.
  • Market Recognition of Digital Assets:
    • Tradable Digital Assets on Coin Market Cap: Numbers Protocol’s technology excels not only in data security but has also gained recognition in the financial market. The digital assets supported by its technology are listed as tradable assets on the Coin Market Cap website, further proving its market value and reliability
  • IPFS Architecture and Features:
    • Decentralized Storage and Retrieval: Numbers Protocol adopts the architecture of IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), a decentralized storage and retrieval mechanism, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of data access.
    • Enhanced Copyright Protection: The use of IPFS allows for stronger copyright protection for each work on the A.V. Mapping platform, as it provides an immutable and permanent data storage solution.
    • Improved User Experience: The architecture of IPFS also contributes to enhancing the end-user experience by providing faster data loading speeds and higher system stability.
  • Establishing a Fair and Transparent Mechanism:
  • A.V. Mapping’s goal is to establish a fair and transparent music copyright processing mechanism, making music an integral part of people’s lives. Through technology and collaboration, A.V. Mapping aims to improve the music industry, benefit creators and relevant stakeholders, and expand the reach of music to a wider audience.

7-C. Processing Methods and Descriptions

1. Online Automated Contract Signing:

Users can sign non-exclusive authorization contracts with A.V. Mapping, enabling them to purchase music and sign contracts directly online with creators.

This method simplifies the process, making it more accessible and efficient.

2. Contracting with Musicians:

A.V. Mapping signs contracts with musicians to acquire public performance, transmission, reproduction rights, and non-exclusive authorization. This approach not only legalizes the use of music on A.V. Mapping but also offers higher permissions, including reproduction and adaptation rights, compared to current streaming platforms.

3. Customizable Authorization Models:

A.V. Mapping offers various authorization options based on location, time, and region, which influence pricing and scope. Music creators can set prices and contract terms based on usage, user preferences, and budget. Each transaction generates an online contract between users, rights holders, and musicians, ensuring accountability and legal compliance.

4. Collaboration with Blockchain Providers:

By collaborating with blockchain companies, A.V. Mapping ensures that all copyrights and authorizations are verifiable, public, and trackable. This collaboration guarantees the legal use of works and enhances trust in A.V. Mapping.

5. Ensuring Fair Music Licensing:

Unlike other platforms, this platform ensures that music licenses remain with the creators, not wholly owned by A.V. Mapping. This approach empowers creators, enhances their self-worth, and prevents unfair licensing practices.

Processing Method Objective Description
Online Automated Contract Signing Streamline music licensing online. Simplify music licensing through direct online contract signing.
Contracting with Musicians Obtain legal rights for platform use. Secure necessary rights from musicians for legal music usage.
Customizable Authorization Models Offer flexible licensing options. Provide customizable authorization based on location, time, and budget.
Collaboration with Blockchain Providers Enhance copyright verification. Ensure transparent and trackable copyrights through blockchain collaboration.
Ensuring Fair Music Licensing To maintain the rights of music licenses with creators. Ensures that music licenses remain with the creators, not wholly owned by A.V. Mapping. This approach empowers creators, enhances their self-worth, and prevents unfair licensing practices.

Compared to traditional methods, it saves time, money, and resources, promotes fair competition, and brings music closer to people’s lives.

7-D. The verification process for music and video content using blockchain typically involves the following steps:

  • 1. Capturing Images and Videos:

Artists or content creators use cameras or recording devices to capture        original images or videos.

  • 2. Generating Digital Assets:

The captured content is transformed into digital assets, often represented by unique encrypted hash values or digital signatures.

  • 3. Registering Image Information on the Blockchain:

The digital assets are registered on the blockchain, accompanied by the     transparent and publicly accessible nature of blockchain technology.


7-E. AI Sales:

We offer a patented AI - A.V. Mapping that performs AI analysis on videos, music, text, and scripts, helping creators to swiftly sell their works.

1.Blockchain Tracking:

We utilize blockchain technology to provide proof of authenticity, prevent unauthorized usage, and enable transaction tracking and metadata recording.

2.Partnership Sharing:

We encourage creators to collaborate with us, sharing profits and enhancing the originality of the creator ecosystem, allowing more individuals to gain rewards and earn more profits.

3. Free AI Sales Quota Savings:

Our platform offers a free AI sales quota feature, saving 35 years of time, making it easier for creators to engage in sales and customized contracts.

Chapter 8: User Guide and Usage Instructions

Check Out the User Guide

1️⃣ Users upload videos or photos to A.V. Mapping through their computers, tablets, or mobile phones. Also budgets, preferences, reference music, or scripts.
🧠 AI will analyze the video and music 2️⃣ Providing you with the three most suitable pieces of music, sound effects and audio after noise reduction. Users can directly preview, edit, share with team and clients with the video online or download for offline. 3️⃣ Reanalyze if needed. 4️⃣ Review and sign contracts without communication for global music copyrights.

Chapter 9: More Applications and Plug-in

Another Products and Functions

1️⃣ A.V. Mapping’s diverse filtering features are now available, allowing users to quickly find their ideal music 2️⃣ Secure your music on Web3.0 3️⃣ Mixing Music and SFX with Video for effortlessly blending music and sound effects into videos. 4️⃣ Gift, Flowers with Music and AI 5️⃣ API Document 6️⃣

More Application and Plug-In

1️⃣ A.V. Mapping on Apple Vision Pro 2️⃣ Google Chrome Plug-in 3️⃣ Zapier: A.V. Mapping’s Zap 4️⃣ Harmony: A.V. Mapping x NVIDIA H100 More yet to come!

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