December 30, 2021

User Guide

User Guide

About AV Mapping

When was A.V. Mapping established?

The concept was conceived in August 2018, and A.V. Mapping company was formally established in January 2020. The product was officially launched in September 2021.

How many people were in A.V. Mapping’s founding team?

Since its inception in 2018, we conducted market research, built a team and products, and then revamped it with high expectations from the industry. A.V. Mapping was officially launched in August 2021, and within a year, we have gained nearly a hundred partners and thousands of creators worldwide.

Why and how did this company start?

After working in the media industry as a film composer for many years, the founder and CEO, Frinny Lee, identified the challenges faced by filmmakers and musicians. Realizing that technology could enhance their experiences, Frinny partnered with an A.I. engineer and conducted market research to form a team. The venture proved to be even more meaningful than initially anticipated. With a stroke of luck and a resolute goal, A.V. Mapping has steadily and powerfully advanced to its current state.

What is A.V. Mapping’s team composition?

The team comprises film score composers, video directors, musicians, business development professionals, marketing experts, and engineers.

What are A.V. Mapping’s tractions?

A.V. Mapping has amassed 100,000 songs and attracted 7,000 creators from 126 countries. Additionally, it has garnered global media attention with 200 news releases by December 2022.

Are there any exclusive accelerators or investment units in A.V. Mapping?

No, A.V. Mapping does not have any exclusive accelerators or investment units. However, we were part of Draper University and Skydeck’s GIP program.

A.V. Mapping brief introduction

Briefly introduce A.V. Mapping when contacting people who don’t understand at all.

A.V. Mapping is a comprehensive platform that seamlessly matches video soundtracks, reducing the time it takes for video creators to find suitable music. Simultaneously, it enables musicians to efficiently distribute their music to various platforms. Moreover, the platform generates increased public attention towards video soundtracks.

Who are A.V. Mapping’s current partners and tractions?

Notable companies that partner with A.V. Mapping include Acer, Uniqlo, NVIDIA, AWS, Berkeley SkyDeck, and more.

What is A.V. Mapping’s future market strategy?

A.V. Mapping’s future market strategy involves various approaches, including B2B partnerships, introduction recommendations, offline meetings with image creators, online referral recommendation codes for networking, online music exhibitions, leveraging the power of the Internet for content sharing, semi-automatic production of videos and music for image creators, advertisers, and companies, collaboration between technology and creators, and facilitating earnings through referrals.

What is A.V. Mapping’s key competitive advantage?

A.V. Mapping’s key competitive advantage lies in its unique AI model that analyzes both music and video to provide tailored music recommendations for each video. In addition to the technical aspect, A.V. Mapping considers the needs of both musicians and video makers and has designed a seamless user flow. Musicians get paid directly by video makers, and video makers can easily find the desired music without searching through millions of options on the internet. This efficient process reduces the time taken by 2000 times.

Why is A.V. Mapping a better choice for finding music for videos?

A.V. Mapping is a comprehensive AI video music mapping and licensing platform that significantly reduces the time and effort required to search for and license music for videos. With its unique AI model, A.V. Mapping analyzes both the music and video to provide accurate music recommendations for each video. The platform also offers convenient features such as instant licensing and post-sound production capabilities like noise reduction and sound effects. Musicians benefit by receiving direct payment from video makers, while video makers can easily find the desired music without sifting through countless options online. This streamlined process saves time and enhances the overall video production experience. A.V. Mapping stands out from its competitors as the leading one-stop solution tailored specifically for the video production industry.


Can I find music on A.V. Mapping without a watermark?

Yes, once you purchase the music, you can download it with a license contract directly, ensuring that it is free of any watermarks.

Can I find the music on A.V. Mapping that has been purchased without a watermark?

Can the music that has been purchased without a watermark be found in the image library?

Can the music that has been purchased without a watermark be found in the video library?

Yes, you can find the music that has been purchased without a watermark by accessing the transaction records here.

Can we download the video with purchased music directly?

Yes, after making a purchase, you have the option to choose whether you want to include music in your video. The setting for this can be found based on the actions you took in step 2 on the mixer.

What is the difference between the general membership of musicians and the Business membership plan?

The general membership for musicians and the Business membership plan are both free of charge. The general membership allows musicians to independently upload their music, while for those with a large volume of music, they can reach out to us for assistance. The Business membership offers additional benefits and promotions specifically tailored to the needs of businesses.

What is the musicians’ commission and the rights they can protect?

Musicians receive a commission of 40% from the total transaction amount. For business partners, the commission percentage can be negotiated based on individual contracts, allowing for more flexibility and potential higher shares.


How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted A.V. Mapping’s business finances?

Since the onset of the Covid outbreak, securing funding has become increasingly challenging, as investors have become more cautious with their financial decisions.

How has A.V. Mapping’s customer relationship management evolved? Are there any specific tools utilized for improved efficiency?

Online meetings have played a pivotal role in maintaining international connections. Over the past year, we have actively participated in numerous virtual global events, allowing us to engage with a wide range of global users and establish direct contacts. Fortunately, as A.V. Mapping operates in the United States, Europe, and Taiwan, we have been able to still have in-person meetings with domestic customers.

Has A.V. Mapping received any government grants, and has it been beneficial in sustaining the company’s operations?

We have been fortunate to receive support from various Taiwanese government associations, which has greatly contributed to the advancement of our innovative business concept. Additionally, feedback from multiple industries has highlighted the immense potential and feasibility of our product. This positive reception inspires us to actively participate in global events and continuously enhance our product, despite the challenging circumstances caused by Covid.

Concluding thoughts from A.V. Mapping:

Amidst the Covid pandemic, the internet has brought people closer together, bridging the gap in a seemingly distant world. A.V. Mapping remains committed to creating an inclusive A.I. platform for video-music mapping and licensing. Our cutting-edge technology not only expedites video production through efficient music matching and authorization processes, but also transcends geographical boundaries, visualizing the connections between video and music creators.

A.V. Mapping’s website?

https://miro.medium.com/max/1400/0*rDQwXN-_X0XbiyjF Click here https://avmapping.co/en/

Refund Policy

Q: Can I log in my account after I cancelled my account?

A: We didn’t cancel the account. It might be some connecting issue last night. Your membership is still on until the end of Nov 8th . And even the membership is over, you can still log in to check the video library before the video be deleted. (We would delete it after 30 days it uploaded or analyzed.)"

Q: How to find the receipt/billing history on A.V. Mapping?

A: Can you please check this page: https://app.avmapping.co/#/user/tradeDetails after log in. And press the “search" button. After it, you can also press the “date” (ex. 2023-10-5 ~ 2023-11-4 in the picture) to change the date period to see the detail."

Q: Will the membership be automatically renewed? Can I unsubscribe at any time?

A: A.V. Mapping memberships will be automatically renewed. To unsubscribe, please log in and click on “My Wallet” and then “Cancel Subscription”, or contact our customer support team. The cancellation will take effect after the next subscription period ends, and you will be downgraded to the free version of A.V. Mapping services.

Q: Can I get a full refund within 14 days of purchase?

A: According to the “Guidelines for Reasonable Exceptions to Communication Transaction Termination Rights” article 2, section 5, once you authorize the deduction of payment for our A.V. Mapping service, it is considered a completed service and does not fall under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act Article 19, section 1 regarding the seven-day termination right for communication transactions.

Q: After unsubscribing, will the content in the account’s image library still be available? What about edited sound effects?

A: Music files will be saved in the account’s music library after unsubscribing, while the content in the image library will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

[My video’s analysis is processing in the background. Where can I find my analysis result?]

  1. Note: The instructions below are relevant if you have received this notification while analyzing your video.


  1. Go to the “My Video Library” page on the Filmmaker Management page and click on your video after the analysis is completed. https://app.avmapping.co/#/user/films


  1. Check out your music/SFX recommendations and click on your selected tracks, which will be highlighted in light blue. Then, click on “Step 2” to proceed to the editing step.


  1. You are now on the editing platform. You can replay your tracks, share their preview links, mix your selected music and SFX, and proceed to the checkout process.


  1. If you’d like to select other tracks instead, click the “Prev“ button and you will be redirected to your Video Library page. You can now re-select your tracks or analyze your video again by clicking “Start Analyzing”.


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