Join Creators Ecosystem with Tech
Join Creators Ecosystem with Tech
April 22, 2023

Join Creators Ecosystem with Tech

Discover the future of entertainment with AI for creators, and multimillion-dollar Metaverse Battle Concert. Don’t miss out on limited edition merchandise and experiences. Join us today and be a part of the future of entertainment!

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and innovation?

Join us for an unforgettable event that brings together the brightest minds in music, film companies, musicians, and AI enthusiasts to share their latest creations and connect with like-minded individuals. Connect with industry experts, explore the latest trends and technologies, and showcase your own unique ideas. But that’s not all! We also welcome Metaverse, Fashion, AR VR, Interactive Hardware, Web3, Blockchain, and NFT art. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the future of technology and art, this event is for you. Join us for a day of inspiration, networking, and fun. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn, connect, and grow!

Creators Ecosystem

Brand Creators Audience
Brand, Business, Sponsors. Advertisement, Production house, TV Station. Video makers, Filmmakers, Artists, Photographers. Art and music lovers,
Are you a brand looking to promote your products or services? Are you a creator looking to showcase your talent? looking for a one-of-a-kind experience?
• Sponsor our event and take advantage of our media packages. • Submit your content and license agreements to our platform. • Nominate your favorite superstars in music and videos.
• Gain exposure with superstar re-scoring and NFTs. • Get recognized in creators’ battlefield • Bid on exclusive merchandise and experiences.
• Increase your revenue by selling products on our platform. • Join our community of artists and photographers. • Interact with your favorite celebrities and make a wish come true.
Be in it Join Creators Ecosystem Join the Game - Nominate your superstars in music and videos. You can also submit their bios and email link, the intro of the benefits and advantage that they can sell in the events like limited NFT, collections. You can take the bids, interact with superstars and make a wish with them to do anything legally. - Get your ticket ASAP before the price raise up
Tech Super Stars Musicians
Creative Technology Geeks & Companies Cooperation Musicians, Super Stars, promote your brand in the latest way Musicians joint AI team to sell music.
Are you a technology geek or company looking to join the battle? Are you a musician or superstar looking to sell your limited collection? Do you want to find your music creation a soulmate?
• Showcase your technology to millions of users. • Upload your music and social media links to our platform. • Upload your music to our platform.
• Donate to our platform and help us make the concert a success. • Sell your limited edition merchandise and music. • Join our AI team and take advantage of the latest technology.
Welcome to Creators Tech Ecosystem. Empower Your Tech Be top of the world You are in! Start Selling
Web 3.0 Affiliation program
Web 3.0 World Blogger, influencers,
• FAIM concert is the world’s first AI-driven Metaverse Film Music Concert, featuring A.I. and A.V. mapping technology. Be a part of the A.V. Mapping Affiliate Program today and start earning 5% commissions.
• Participants can compete in the metaverse, and NFT holders can vote for the winner. • The commission is withdrawable in cash, and you can also get free accessories for your friends & followers with select packages.
• Tickets and donations are being pre-sold to bring together the necessary elements for this historical event, where all support is welcome. • You can earn commission within 30 days of your friends & followers’ successful purchases through your link, including if they return later within this period.
• The program is available worldwide, so you can earn commissions from home.
- Get your ticket ASAP before the price raise up - Join Discord Affiliation Program
Media, News Promote yourself
You can have our content and referral credits. You can be our guest, our next highlight.
• Promoting our engaging content and earn referral credits through affiliation program. • Join our media network and let’s explore the world of news, videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and media exposure together.
• We offer the latest industry insights and an easy-to-use affiliation code for your readers, followers, and viewers. • Exciting opportunities to be a guest and share your unique perspective.
• Let’s create a mutually beneficial relationship and share our passion for media and news together. • Access to a diverse range of media formats to share your story.
You can have them for free: • A community of like-minded individuals to collaborate with and create something amazing.
Download Press Kit Be promoted
Other Request
Customized Request for our features Users Marketing and PR Cooperation
As A.V. Mapping’s multiple cool functions, you can have more request from us. Enjoy round-the-clock customer support with our online customer service, chatbots, and comprehensive FAQs, ensuring that you always have the help you need. Looking for Marketing and PR cooperation?
A.V. Mapping Features Highlights Premium Membership Features • Online bot & FAQ is available 24/7 Donate and join our membership to explore opportunities to collaborate with us, and please provide us with your packages and price comparison; and if you’re interested in promoting events, let’s schedule a call.
• Unlimited AI video to music analysis • Personalized assistance • Join our membership and donate to unlock collaboration opportunities with us.
• Music packages with license • Provide us with your package details and pricing comparison to explore a match for cooperation.
• AI video, music, text, scripts, and data analysis, recommendation services • Let’s schedule a call to discuss event promotion opportunities.
• Sound effects and noise reduction
• API services support
• Licensed Music Packages
• Platform services with membership system
• News media co-branding program
• AI Technology support
• Music searching, video searching system
• Music and video copyrights tracking and comparing system
• Seek for more details about AI in video, images, music, text, sound effects, audio, story, and scripts! ✨
Any customized request about our services, As for more Drop your questions here PR Partners want to collab with us? Please check it out
Tech Users Join Team Newsletter Subscribers
Technology Support Apply for Jobs AVMapping’s FREE Newsletter, the ultimate source of insights into the world of artificial intelligence & music & film.
Welcome developers! We understand that you may have some questions or issues with our API, and we are here to help. 📣 Open Job 📣 Work from everywhere • Join our newsletter for free and get the latest updates on music, video, creators, AI news, trends, and breakthroughs.
• Our team is available to assist you with any API related issues or questions you may have. 👉Check the job board
• We can also provide guidance on API requests and roles to help you get started. 1. Follow our LinkedIn • Stay ahead of the curve with our exclusive content, delivered straight to your inbox.
• Let’s connect and schedule a call ASAP to get your API integration up and running smoothly. 2. Follow indeed
Apply the API key here 3. Follow on CakeResume Subscribe your FREE newsletter from here:
Drop your questions If none of them are free, you can still fill out the form, you would be seen when we reopen.

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