The Line for Human & AI

Stop Fake Credit and

Ambiguous Copyright Claim

Creators' AI sales and Blockchain proof,

creating more Human opportunities


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AI Sales

  • Free AI sales saved 35 years
  • Decide customized price and contracts
  • A.V. Mapping's contracts made for creators and musicians.

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Blockchain Tracks

  • Authenticity proof
  • Whether not to be training data
  • Tracking even after release systematically to prevent from unauthorized usage
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  • Creators get paid, we share profits.
  • Earn more after sharing
  • More monetization opportunities
  • Enhance originality in the creators ecosystem

AI for Creators

  • By AI analysis on video, music, text and scripts with patented AI - A.V. Mapping
  • Tracking transactions 24/7 on the platform.
  • Creators can have extra service whether mint their NFT, have metadata record on blockchain in transparent, supported by Numbers- working on 300M data points- or not.

is not made for rich

but for everyone

We shorten the distance between

creations, geography and being REAL.

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