Let sound A.I. cherish artists' time

Cooperate with technology to save 95% of sound engineering time, to make better arts and perfection, and to gain more working opportunities.

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Spend too much time on your video music? Too difficult to find the one and get the license?
A.V. Mapping finds your music, quick and easy!
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Long working time on filmmakers.
Spend more than 8 hours to half year to find music and its license
Require high sensitivity and engineering technics to get high quality video music
Higher cost on musicians
Complete a matched video music with the rest of several music pieces
The opportunities to meet the consensual films and directors
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A.I. Mapping Platform
Film music   Image music
Script music   Sound editing
For you
Film music
For film
Scene cutting
For image
Color analysis
How to Use
Upload your video
Enter synopsis, reference music (YouTube link), and licensing requirements
Obtain recommended film music
You can listen and edit the film music.
Communicate with the system and re-analyze
If you don't like the result, you can use the option to further communicate with the system.
Confirm the contract and complete the transaction
When the transaction is completed, the profit will be distributed to the musicians.
Document Manage System
Choose your role
Filmmaker or musician
Upload file information
Edit file information, authorizer information, license content, and custom prices
Manage shared information
Customize website and design content to strengthen personal competitiveness
Personal Library
Share your video works
Increase the publicity of your video works
Share your music works
Increase the publicity of your music works
Community influence
Promote the awareness of audio and video creators, create personal brand and revenue
Exclusive film music A.I.
Efficiency gains 1960 times
The AI algorithm has applied for patents in Taiwan, the United States, and China, and can analyze storyboards, plots, emotions, actions, text, musical emotions, speed, and genre.
Low cost
Save time to reduce hidden costs of 10,000 NTD/time
Online A.I. can serve you anytime, anywhere.
What A.I. Did
What A.I. Did
Video Analysis
5W1H, storyboard, hue
Text analysis
Synopsis, CUE sheet
Music analysis
Emotion, genre, musicality
We Care About Artists
We Care About Artists
Fair competition
Find suitable video buyers by objective algorithm and provide automatic film music service. This allows your audio and video to have better sales channels.
Music database Integration Aound the World
There are 20,000 pieces of 60 types of music, including pop, EDM, back-swing, Irish music, etc., and continue to expand.
Musicians can set custom prices and pursue decentralization
Musicians must defend the dignity of their works, track the transaction process, and use technology to make transactions transparent.
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EDM, back shaking, Irish music, etc., and continue expanding.
Let's Listen to What Others Said
This software can provide many unexpected functions and make music production more efficient.
Frinny Lee / Music Studio
This software can provide many unexpected functions and make music production more efficient.
Frinny Lee / Music Studio
This software can provide many unexpected functions and make music production more efficient.
Frinny Lee / Music Studio
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Company History
"Memuriesic Co., LTD" Established
Licensing Music API Finished
Combining Blockchain Concept
Building A.I. tools
A.I. Tools 1st version Finished
MEA - Women Entrepeneur Accelerator
MOST - FITI Program
MOST - Southern Taiwan Science Park project
Taiwan Tech Arena ( TTA ) selected team
"A.V. Mapping Co., LTD" Established
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