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Simplify the complex process of music licensing and stop wasting time on endless browsing and listening. Our Video, Music, Scripts & Text AI analysis finds your ideal music within seconds. Video, Music, Scripts & Text AI analysis finds your music in few seconds!
A.V. Mapping finds your music, quick and easy!
World First Film Music A.I.
World First Film Music A.I.
Increases efficiency by up to 1960 times!
Our patented AI algorithm, combined with 14 AI models in compliance with EU AI regulations, analyzes video and music content, including storyboards, plots, actor and character emotions, actions, text, musical emotions, speed, and genre, to recommend your most suitable music.
Lower cost
Lower cost
Save significant time and drastically cut production costs (at an average of $6,500 per video!)
Minimize wasted time by eliminating vague and endless back-and-forth communications. Instead, communicate directly with the platform regarding your video content, reference music links, scripts, licensing conditions, and music preferences.
Enjoy our services anywhere & anytime.
We currently have creators from 126 countries on board! In addition to our 1-on-1 AI service, A.V. Mapping offers technical API support for software, platforms, and hardware. We're excited to share our technology to all industries!
How to Use

Upload your video

Explore your suggested music tracks

Re-analysis option

Confirm the contract and complete the transaction

Document Management System

Choose your role

Upload file information

Manage shared information

Offline services and events

How to Use
Upload your video
Upload your video
Enter your synopsis, reference music (YouTube link), and licensing requirements.
Explore your suggested music tracks
Explore your suggested music tracks
You can listen and edit the film music.
Re-analysis option
Re-analysis option
If you are unsatisfied with the current selections, feel free to re-analyze your video!
Confirm the contract and complete the transaction
Confirm the contract and complete the transaction
When the transaction is completed, the profit will be distributed to the musicians.
Document Management System
Choose your role
Choose your role
Filmmaker or musician
Upload file information
Upload file information
Edit your file information, authorizer information, license type, and custom pricing.
Manage shared information
Manage shared information
Effortlessly share your content as NFTs to the Web3 world!
Offline services and events
Offline services and events
We offer customized music and sound editing services for film projects. Plus, check out our creator mixers, join our Web 3 & Metaverse showcase, and participate in our concerts and competitions
A.I. Sales
What Our A.I. Sales Does
What Our A.I. Sales Does
Video AnalysisVideo Analysis
5 W's and H, storyboard, hue
Text AnalysisText Analysis
Synopsis, CUE sheet
Music AnalysisMusic Analysis
Actor and characterE emotion, genre, musicality
Video Introduction
More Applications
More Applications
In addition to music analysis, we offer extra applications to enrich and streamline your creative journey.
Reviews: What Others Have Said
  / Red Dot Award
A.V. Mapping, the best design concepts in a category, is groundbreaking design and is the top prize in the Red Dot Award: Design Concept in 2020.
/ Red Dot Award
CNA 中央通訊社
A.V. Mapping won the best of the best in 2020 Red Dot award. Through Artifical Intellenge, analyzing the video and music to shorten sound engineering and music authorization in 2000 times efficiency.
- CNA 中央通訊社
Digital Journal
A.V. Mapping provides a comprehensive AI video and music licensing and mapping platform to speed up the search process for millions of online music clips by 2,000 times so that musicians get paid directly by video producers.
- Digital Journal
Berkeley SkyDeck
A.V. Mapping (Batch 12 GIP) invites you to the Film-AI-Music (FAIM) Festival! This festival is for both new and experienced filmmakers to showcase their videos to attendees from 70 countries while exploring the use of a new video-music AI in your creative process.
- Berkeley SkyDeck
16 Top Music & 101 Top Software Taiwan Companies and Startups of 2021
- BestStartup
A.V. Mapping Solusi Paten Hak Cipta Konten Digital (A.V. Mapping Digital Content Copyright Patent Solutions)
PR Newswire
New Taiwanese startup A.V. Mapping may put an end to copyright battles
- PR Newswire
Creating Connection in Seclusion
Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, MOST 竹科大小事
Film Music AI can shorten the time which videomakers searching music and licensing to get suitable licensed music quickly. The part of audio engineering technology can also edited 2K audio clips in 15 minutes instead of 4 days human works.
- Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, MOST 竹科大小事
She Loves Tech
2020 Global Female Entrepreneur Top 24
- She Loves Tech
Women Entrepreneurship Program
Women Enterpreneur ambassadors light up the globe: 2020, a year can’t be aboard, they flew overseas through their research, revolutional technology, and their business. <A.V. Mapping> won the champion in regional competition in the biggest women technology entrepreneur competition in She Loves Tech.
- Women Entrepreneurship Program
On Product Hunt
Finally, a search engine that's dedicated to music licensing!
- On Product Hunt
2019 Singularity University & TTA Startup Competition
Top 10 APAC startup
- 2019 Singularity University & TTA Startup Competition
A.V. Mapping - Video Music Mapping system shorten time when videomakers finding music and license. After users enter the music genres, SFX, or other requirements, they can get the licensed music immediately. The first order of A.V. Mapping can map over 2K songs within 33 minutes instead of 4 days human works.
- BNext
FAIM festival Best Film filmmakers
A.V. Mapping is convient and easy.
- FAIM festival Best Film filmmakers
Meta, She Means Business
A.V. Mapping selected the perfect music in 10 mins and closed the deal in two days rather than two months we spent.
- Meta, She Means Business
Are you a film, music, or Web3 creator? Join our vibrant creator community to take part in our latest showcases and mixers and connect with fellow creatives from around the world!
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A.V. Mapping may put an end to copyright battles


, Web Summit 40 Words

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The most influential CEO in California, US - CEO monthly, Draper University Fully Tuition Sponsorship, Co-host of LATechWeek with A16Z. Worth a follow: Innovative Trading Platform & Best Film Production Startups Worth A Follow In 2021, Best Music & Software Companies and Startups.



Celebrating its second year after launched, A.V. Mapping thrives with a 3000% user growth, reaching 12,000 creators. Enhanced by AI, the platform delivers faster and precise music, SFX & the mix. Collaborating with Microsoft, NVIDIA, and others, A.V. Mapping made global strides from London to Germany and showcased innovations at Viva Tech. This year marked influential engagements at ZhongShan Girls' High School, the Netherlands' IBC 365 Exhibition, and King's College London, solidifying its status as an industry leader.



We have saved 4 centuries from creators, filmmakers, TV station and broadcasting. Lighten up more creative potentials and power.

American Institute in Taiwan
Academy for Women Entrepreneurs
Amazon Web Service Activate Program
Academia Sinicia
National Chung Hsin University
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5G ChungHwa Telecom
Singularity University APAC Global Impact Challenge
NVIDIA inception Program
UCBerkeley SkyDeck GIP
Vision Program from MOST
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NVIDIA inception Program
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NVIDIA inception Program
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