Brand Guide Line - AVMapping
Brand Guide Line - AVMapping
February 19, 2023

Brand Guide Line - AVMapping


A.V. Mapping is a cutting-edge technology company that specializes in utilizing AI to enhance the capabilities of creators in various fields. Our mission is to empower creators to produce high-quality, efficient and innovative content.

Using These Guidelines

These Brand Guidelines are meant to establish the A.V. Mapping brand’s look and feel in all communications. While prescriptive in nature — specifying A.V. Mapping logo rules, allowed typefaces, and colors — this guide is not meant to limit creativity, but to define proper usage and ensure consistency across marketing materials, communication channels, and our online presence.

The A.V. Mapping Identity

The A.V. Mapping identity is the cornerstone of our brand and symbolizes our organization’s commitment to supporting creators and innovators in various fields. It should be used carefully and displayed correctly and consistently.

On the following pages are various logo versions of the identity and guidelines for their use. The size, colors, proportions, and spatial relationships for each logo version are not to be altered in any way.

Always use the approved digital artwork files provided by A.V. Mapping.

Logo — Square Version (preferred)

FULL COLOR — WHITE BACKGROUND On a white or light-colored background. If necessary, the logo can be reproduced in black and white.*E7g2rR33ky2UNVKTr7vK8A.png

Logo —Rectangle Version


On a white or light-colored background. If necessary, the logo can be reproduced in black and white.*z4Dhqwv235uqWBJ38uluJw.png


On a dark colored background, the logo reverses to white. Always have a minimum clear space of 1/4 of the letter “M” between “V.” and “M” around the logo.*koyNPTzFFkg1WgLb6ZpVPA.png

Please download the high resolution files for the logos here.

Colors & Typography


The A.V. Mapping logo uses a combination of gradient blue, and white to represent the futuristic, harmonious around technology and human of the brand.


A round, and italic but modern font is used for the A.V. Mapping logo, representing the coordinate, flexible and easy-going personality, and the cutting-edge technology and innovation we bring to creators.


If you have any questions or require further information regarding these branding guidelines, please contact us at:

More about A.V. Mapping

🎵 Website: 🎬 YouTube: @ avmapping 📷 Instagram: @ avmappingFacebook: @ av.mapping 💰 LinkedIn: @A.V. Mapping️ 🗣️ Medium: A.V. Mapping

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