A.V. Mapping in Cannes Film Festival 2024: From the Train to Cannes to VivaTech in Paris
A.V. Mapping in Cannes Film Festival 2024: From the Train to Cannes to VivaTech in Paris
June 14, 2024

A.V. Mapping in Cannes Film Festival 2024: From the Train to Cannes to VivaTech in Paris

The Cannes Film Festival 2024 kicked off with a train journey and concluded prematurely as A.V. Mapping headed to Paris for VivaTech. On the train, A.V. Mapping encountered a guy from the film crew en route to Cannes for the opening film’s red carpet, delayed by a five-hour setback on the French train. He ended up sharing the same train, and it was discovered that a relative of his is a notable French film director.

At the lodging, A.V. Mapping met a young woman in the ear-cleaning business, invited by the famed cellist Lang Lang, whose concert tickets are worth thousands of euros. Additionally, A.V. Mapping mingled with the team behind the film that won this year’s Best Actress Award, who showed interest in collaborating 🥹.

During Taiwan Night, A.V. Mapping met several attractive actors: Eddie Peng (winner of the Un Certain Regard Prize), Wu Kang-ren (listening to one of Taiwanese music from 25 years ago together, waiting for the bartender to craft drinks and engaging in small talk 😂), Lee Kang-sheng, Kai Ko, Bolin Chen, and 春風 from Nine One One. Producer Yeh Jufeng, director Chen Yu-hsun, along with film industry veterans Li Lieh, Sylvia Chang, and Wen Tien-hsiang.

This was just the second day of the festival. There’s much more to come, including sneaking into invitation-only parties. While Cannes continued, VivaTech in Paris began. A.V. Mapping managed to slip past security into VivaTech and surprisingly connected with about 200 relevant professionals despite not having the best location.

1- A.V. Mapping Crashes Cannes Film Festival 🔥

A.V. Mapping, which garnered acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival, decided to attend the Cannes Film Festival between the Berlin iF Awards and Paris VivaTech. This turned out to be a fantastic trip, enhancing co-production opportunities. A.V. Mapping met numerous sought-after buyers and exchanged ideas with this year’s award winners.

2- Highlights

  • A.V. Mapping interacted with the team behind the Best Actress Award-winning film “THE SHAMELESS” and discussed potential collaboration with the lead actor for their next project.
  • Eddie Peng, the actor of the film who won “Un Certain Regard Winners List 2024,” in this Cannes Film Festival, attended Taiwan Night, where A.V. Mapping introduced their exclusive technology to the producers.
  • Conversations were had with the team behind the “Award for Best Immersive Work” at the 77th Festival de Cannes, who were using the immersive technology previously discussed. Such an honor!

3- Party Invasions

A.V. Mapping attended various invitation-only parties, including the Berlinale Film Festival party, Taiwan Night, Producer’s Party, Documentary Party, Swiss Party, Investor Circle, and the UK Pavilion. Additionally, prime seating was secured at the Cannes Film Palace, the red carpet was walked, and exclusive behind-the-scenes access was enjoyed.

Numerous celebrities like Adam Driver, Emma Stone, and Hans Zimmer were seen. Even though there weren’t many people A.V. Mapping was eager to meet (?), seeing them still induced giddiness like fans.

4- Memorable Films

About seven films were watched, the most impressive being the 1988 classic “CAMP DE THIAROYE.” The 75-year-old actor Sidiki Bakaba and the crew attended. Watching this film about the dark history of Senegalese soldiers and French forces from 1942-1944 in the grand theater at Cannes brought tears to the eyes. It was significant for them to see their film screened in Cannes for the first time. Reflecting on 1988, they bravely made a film about such historical events, something rarely done in Taiwan.

5- SACEM Masterclass

A.V. Mapping was fortunate to secure a spot at the SACEM masterclass, hosted by composer Philippe Rombi and his long-time collaborator, director François Ozon. Rombi received a special award, which he dedicated to cinema and music. Meeting composers Olivier Lliboutry and Lin Ming-chueh, whose film “Meeting Bob” was in competition, was a touching experience, highlighting the deep bond between directors and composers.

6- Gratitude and Future Prospects

Thank you to all the professionals who chatted with A.V. Mapping ❤️. Besides exclusive party invitations and insider information, numerous collaboration opportunities were gained. A.V. Mapping hopes to work together soon and continue making progress! 🔥🔥🔥

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