A.I. Film Music Platform Leads Original Creations to Greater Heights
A.I. Film Music Platform Leads Original Creations to Greater Heights
October 08, 2021

Copyrights are increasingly valued due to the increasing popularity of video content on social media, and time-consuming, licensing conflicts between video creators and music producers are on the rise. Hundreds of thousands of videos around the world are currently involved in copyright infringement suits. A one-stop AI video music mapping & licensing patented platform, standing up for creators, as a solution to the problem of copyright infringement in our online media-driven age.

No more hustle and bustle for creators

A.V. Mapping shines a spotlight on the union of film and music to make great art. It will be presented to the filmmaker and musician.The AI platform helps filmmakers skip the traditional, time-consuming process of browsing through millions of music studios, testing music out with the film, and music licensing. The entire process can now be shortened as 8 seconds, compared to the days or weeks of work required otherwise.


Brand New Journey from Film to AI

A.V. Mapping Co., LTD (https://avmapping.co), empowered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a one-stop video music mapping platform that saves 95% of work-hours and accelerates the production of the original and copyrighted music market. This platform has already been adopted by major companies including Acer, UNIQLO, and Family Mart. With the innovation and concept to shorten the work time for video producers, and also to increase the cash flow of the creative industry and more income to musicians at the same time.

Moving fast, growing even faster.

Frinny Lee, Founder, and CEO of A.V. Mapping, is a female entrepreneur and producer of scientific films. Despite the global COVID pandemic, A.V. Mapping, founded in 2020, was nominated as a Top-24 global finalist in She Loves Tech, the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology. Moreover, the company’s platform has also earned a Red Dot: Best of the Best, one of the world’s highest-profile consumer design concept awards. Based on these outstanding results, A.V. Mapping was selected by UCBerkeley SkyDeck GIP, NVIDIA Inception and Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as a highlight startup team.


Bringing a more efficient & economical creative environment to creators

“We are confident to sell the applied music with AI tools without boundaries in order to increase and share the profits with creators.” said Frinny Lee, a film composer who became the CEO of A.V. Mapping. The AI is capable of serving the reproduced synchronization music market because it fits the needs of both musicians and video makers and provides them with an AI tool rather than time consuming ways.

A.V. Mapping just saw how desperate musicians could be when they were finding proper buyers for their music, and knew how time consuming process video makers were while communicating or dealing music licenses with publishing companies and film composers. That is why A.V. Mapping started.

Finding the just-right music for every video


Not just feeling the problems from the creator’s perspective, also have professional AI engineers to build the technology. By feeding high quality audio and video to AI models conducting deep learning, their engineers play an invaluable role in laying the ground for A.V. Mapping.

With its unique AI models, the platform analyzes the content, element, and cuts in an uploaded video and then compares the results to the music database for the proper music recommendation for each video. This database currently contains over 8,000 hours of music, covering 120,000 songs in 60 different genres. Continued expansion is expected to increase this database to over 28 million songs in the future.

One of top Taiwan software startups collects 126 countries’ users

A.V. Mapping is thrilled to be the pioneer of bringing the creative industry into the digital age with the cutting edge application of A.I. technology, which owns the unique technical service and under reviewing patent right, to cherish all talents and let artists focus on the essence of the creation, improve life quality, and also speed up the cash flow in the art industry.



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