A.V. Mapping API Documentation
A.V. Mapping API Documentation
November 02, 2023

API Documentation

The Document of A.V. Mapping API

Vision and Goal about “Video to Music AI", A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping’s mission is to unlock the potential of creators by utilizing technology. The company integrates content, safeguards copyrights, and enhances the creators ecosystem through its efficient AI and blockchain technology. A.V. Mapping’s AI finds music & SFX for videos. No copyright issues, no wait. Instantly match music to videos with 24/7 AI website. By pairing contents with AI-matched human-generated music and authentic sound effects, accessing your transaction details around the clock with FAANG & blockchain supported websites. A.V. Mapping enables a unique platform for sharing, selling, accelerating and protecting creators’ rights.

Utilizing AI analysis techniques such as image, music, plot, and text analysis, A.V. Mapping helps creators expedite the process of finding suitable music, acquiring licenses, and reducing time spent on non-creative tasks. This enables a focused approach on their creative work.

Powered by advanced AI technology, A.V. Mapping offers a comprehensive video music mapping solution. It rapidly identifies the most appropriate music or sound effects for videos while cutting production time considerably. By saving up to 95% of work hours and increasing cash flow within the creative industry, A.V. Mapping strives to be the most effective partner for creators.

With the help of API: The fastest way to integrate the AI and thousands of millions of music and sound effects.

Leveraging the power of APIs, you can seamlessly integrate AI technology with access to an extensive library of millions of music tracks and sound effects. This approach not only ensures efficiency but also opens the door to a vast world of creative possibilities, providing you with the fastest and most versatile way to enhance your projects with the perfect audio elements. Whether you’re a developer looking to infuse AI-driven intelligence into your applications or a content creator seeking a rich sonic palette, API integration is the key to unlocking an endless realm of audio possibilities.


(1) Save Cost:

Pay as you go. You don’t need to pay forward for those high license fees on the music or sound effects for no one. Just pay how much music and sound your customers used, we would charge at the end of the month and only count by use. With millions of music tracks and sound effects at your fingertips, you have the creative freedom to choose the perfect audio to enhance your content, making it more engaging and impactful.

(2) Efficiency:

API integration streamlines the process of accessing AI capabilities and a vast music and sound effects library, saving you time and effort in sourcing and implementing these elements into your projects.

(3) Innovation:

Leveraging APIs allows you to stay at the forefront of technological advancements by seamlessly incorporating AI into your projects, keeping your work fresh, cutting-edge, and competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Key Features: AI-Powered Music & SFX Retrieval

Upload or drop your video, images, game, or music and let A.V. Mapping’s AI find the perfect music, sound effects, or edited audio for you.

(1) Share & Release

Once the AI processes your content, you can effortlessly release and share the results with friends, family, or your audience.

(2) Integration with Leading Technologies

A.V. Mapping integrates with technologies like Hotjar and Facebook, ensuring a seamless user experience.

User Scenario

AI-Generated Soundtracks for Your Home Movies

A. Family Memory Preservation Application

Imagine an app designed for families to easily compile and share their precious memories. Users can upload their home videos to the platform, and through API integration with the “Video to Music AI” service, the app automatically generates emotional and fitting soundtracks based on the content and mood of the video. Whether it’s a baby’s first steps, a birthday party, or a vacation, the AI ensures that the music enhances the emotional impact of the memories.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

B. Video Editing Software for Creators

Professional video editing software integrates the “Video to Music AI” API, giving content creators a new level of control and creativity. As creators edit their videos, they can access a library of HUMAN-generated soundtracks, or they can let the AI analyze their video and recommend the perfect soundtrack. This streamlines the video editing process and helps creators quickly find the right music to match the visuals.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

C. Live Streaming and Virtual Events:

In the era of virtual events and live streaming, the “Video to Music AI” API is used to enhance the production value of online content. Event organizers and livestreamers can integrate this technology into their platforms, ensuring that the background music dynamically changes to fit the mood and atmosphere of the event in real-time, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for viewers.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

D. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Developers of AR and VR applications use the “Video to Music AI” API to create immersive experiences. In VR games or simulations, the AI adapts the soundtrack to match the intensity of the environment, making the experience more engaging and realistic. In AR applications, the AI can find dynamic soundscapes that complement the user’s real-world surroundings.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

E. Personalized Fitness and Wellness Apps

Health and wellness apps can integrate the AI service to personalize workout and meditation routines. The AI analyzes the user’s movements, heart rate, and preferences, creating a unique and motivating soundtrack that helps users stay engaged during workouts or achieve mindfulness during meditation.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

F. Smart Home Integration

In smart homes, the “Video to Music AI” service is integrated into intelligent systems that adapt the ambient music and lighting to match the residents’ activities. For instance, the AI can play upbeat music during a morning routine and then transition to calming melodies in the evening.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

G. Education and E-Learning Platforms

E-learning platforms use the API to enhance educational videos. As students watch lectures or tutorials, the HUMAN generates music that matches the subject matter and helps maintain focus and engagement.

“Now A.V. Mapping has you covered!"

How to Start

1. Ask for authorization

Please apply the token 👉 here .

Start with a FREE trial, the membership would start when your service starts.

Apply it on your apps

  1. Sending your first API call
    1. authorization is a required header data that can give users access to the API.
    2. accept-language specifies the language of the returned data. Currently, only zh and en are available. If not provided, the default is zh.
    3. avma-currency specifies the price currency of the returned data. Currently, only TWD, USD, and EUR are available. If not provided, the default is TWD.


  1. The film object
  2. Create a film
  3. Retrieve a film
  4. List all films
  5. Film service
    1. Create a Film service
    2. Retrieve the film service result
  6. Other Resource:
    1. Film service options
      1. License options
      2. Recommend music options
    2. Recommend sound effect options shortlisted:
      1. Object
      2. Actions


  1. Review API Documentation:

Start by revisiting the API documentation to understand its endpoints, request parameters, response formats, and any required authentication. Make sure you have a clear picture of how the API should work.

  1. Check Integration Code:

Review the code where the API is integrated into your application. Ensure that the integration is correctly implemented, and the API endpoints are being called as intended.

  1. Functional Testing:

Begin with functional testing to ensure that the API functions as expected within your application. Test the various endpoints to verify that they return the correct data and that your application can interpret and use that data correctly.

  1. Error Handling

Test how the API and your application handle error scenarios. Send invalid requests to the API to see how it responds and ensure that your application handles errors gracefully.

  1. Authentication and Authorization

If the API requires authentication or authorization, make sure that your application correctly handles user authentication and that the API key or tokens are correctly integrated and used.

  1. Performance Testing

Test the API’s performance under different conditions. Check its response times and how it handles various levels of traffic. Ensure that your application can scale when needed.

  1. Security Testing

Conduct security testing to identify vulnerabilities, such as injection attacks or sensitive data exposure. Ensure that your application is not vulnerable to common security risks.

  1. Data Validation

Verify that data being passed between your application and the API is validated correctly. This helps prevent data corruption or security vulnerabilities.

  1. Integration Testing

Check how your application interacts with other components and systems. Ensure that data is correctly transferred and processed between your application and the API.

  1. Regression Testing

After making any changes or updates to your application or the API integration, perform regression testing to ensure that existing functionality remains intact.

  1. Load Testing

Test how the API performs under heavy loads to ensure it can handle anticipated user traffic without performance degradation.

  1. Monitor and Log:

Implement monitoring and logging to keep track of how the API is being used and to detect any issues in real-time.


Once your testing is complete, kindly inform us. This will enable us to verify the functionality of the API, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your needs and ours. Once all systems are confirmed operational and information is in place, we can explore opportunities to introduce your product to our community of creators, allowing us to enhance our services collaboratively. Let’s elevate our offerings together!


Share your release date with us. We will not only spread the word but celebrate with enthusiasm! We’re here to amplify your success and be part of your journey to greatness! 🎉🚀

Pricing List

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

Getting Started

- Obtaining an API Token

Please apply the token 👉 here. Start with a FREE trial, the membership would start when your service starts.

- Sending your first API call

More Details would be sent after applying.

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