Watch it, Listen to it. Apple Vision Pro Enables Users to Find the soundtrack with A.V. Mapping
Watch it, Listen to it. Apple Vision Pro Enables Users to Find the soundtrack with A.V. Mapping
February 02, 2024

Watch it, Listen it. Apple Vision Pro Enables Users to Find the soundtrack with A.V. Mapping

Apple Vision Pro’s immersive experience empowers A.V. Mapping to find the perfect soundtrack

Apple plans to launch the Apple Vision Pro on February 2, a mixed-reality headset that offers a diverse range of entertainment experiences while supporting streaming services like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. The headset allows users to watch 150 3D movies, immersive films, and series, even offering a Travel Mode feature for use on planes. Users can enjoy not only sports programs from ESPN and MLB but also 3D versions of movies like “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Dune.” The Vision Pro introduces Apple Immersive Video, showcasing 180-degree 3D 8K recordings with Spatial Audio. The device features ultra-high-resolution micro-OLED displays with 23 million pixels, wide color, high dynamic range, and Dolby Vision technology. Additionally, Apple launches the Vision Pro App Store with over 1 million compatible iOS and iPadOS apps, along with experiences designed specifically for the headset.

Image Credits: Apple


Efficient Music Pairing with A.V. Mapping

Users can also utilize A.V. Mapping on the Vision Pro by opening Safari while using the headset. When recording with the headset, the machine can trigger Zapier through ZAP, automatically uploading the video to the cloud and linking it to A.V. Mapping. Users can then use A.V. Mapping to find the perfect soundtrack for their videos, obtaining matched music within minutes. The paired music can be shared on social media platforms like Instagram stories through seamless integration.

Users only need to set up Zapier and designate an output folder, for detailed setup instructions, please refer to check on official website.

Image Credits: Apple


How to set up Zapier?

Users need to first create a Google Spreadsheet and fill in relevant parameters such as video links, reference music links, authorization information, etc. After creating a Zapier account and logging in, set up the connection to the Google Spreadsheet created by the user and A.V. Mapping’s Bot, as well as log in to the user’s A.V. Mapping account. Depending on the requirements, users can either export all videos or transfer the entire list of information to A.V. Mapping at once, accelerating the process of matching music to a large number of videos. This significantly reduces production time by allowing AI to analyze large batches of videos at once.



About A.V. Mapping

AV Mapping Inc., empowered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a one-stop video music mapping platform. With the innovation and concept to shorten the work time for video producers, and also to increase the cash flow of the creative industry and more income to musicians at the same time, A.V. Mapping’s service is able to saves 95% of work-hours and accelerates the production of the original and copyrighted music market. A.V. Mapping can become the best assistant of creators, bringing a more efficient creative environment and higher-speed cash flow to the creative industry.

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