Choose your AI Pals
Choose your AI Pals
February 14, 2024

Choose your AI Pals

🥸 A.V. Mapping allows users to choose from three updated algorithms, each with their own focus: Sonnet for emotional and textual analysis, Sonata for image analysis & music categorization, and Mosaic for reference music analysis. These flexible analysis options enable users to find the best-fitting music according to their priorities.

A.V. Mapping focuses on facilitating connections between creators, ensuring that technology like AI serves as a bridge to amplify and elevate quality works rather than acting as a standalone creator.  To enhance the visibility and impact of exceptional creations by seamlessly integrating AI into the creative process. The future of entertainment lies in this synergy, where matching AI not only complements but also enriches human creativity, fostering a sustainable and inclusive environment where technology and human talent coexist and flourish together.

To achieve this, we have introduced a new suite of search algorithms focused on emotional and lexical analysis (Sonnet), image analysis combined with music categorization (Sonata), and reference music similarity analysis (Mosaic). These innovative tools significantly empower our platform, enabling more precise alignment with creators’ needs and the unique characteristics of their works.


Sonnet deeps into the emotional and lexical content of musical works, accurately capturing and reflecting the emotional intentions of the creators. This is particularly crucial for compositions that are rich in emotional depth, ensuring that the essence of the creator’s vision is conveyed effectively.


By integrating image analysis with music categorization, Sonata ensures a more precise and harmonious match between music and visual content. This is especially important for projects where music and visuals need to be closely intertwined, such as in film and advertising productions.


Mosaic offers a more diverse range of musical choices, helping creators discover music that aligns with the style of their work. This approach opens up new possibilities for creative exploration and expression.

A.V. Mapping enables creators to try and choose the pal they are compatible with. To enhance the customization requirements for the video music production process.

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