2024 Berlin Film Festival x A.V. Mapping - the 1st Taiwanese Startup Been Selected
2024 Berlin Film Festival x A.V. Mapping - the 1st Taiwanese Startup Been Selected
January 26, 2024

2024 Berlin Film Festival x A.V. Mapping - the 1st Taiwanese Startup Been Selected

A.V. Mapping is the First Taiwanese Startup Selected for the Berlin Film Festival

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of EFM: A.V. Mapping is honored to be selected as a featured startup at the 2024 Berlinale. On February 18th at 3-4pm, we will present on stage in the Documentation Center to showcase our latest AI technology for video and music matching, saving time and increasing revenue for creators. As the first Taiwanese startup to ever join this program, we’re excited to partner up with other brands and make the most out of this festival.

Experience A.V. Mapping’s Latest Functions at the Berlin Film Festival

During the festival, we will host booth #201 at Gropius Bau from February 15th-21st. 🎊 Experience A.V. mapping at Berlin Film Festival ⏱️ February 15th-21st 📍 Gropius Bau Booth #201

What’s more: CEO Frinny will share A.V. Mapping’s story on the stage at the Documentation Center for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation on February 18th at 3pm.

🎊 Presentation from Frinny, CEO of A.V. Mapping ⏱️ February 18th, 3pm 📍 Event Hall at Documentation Center

A.V. Mapping invites everyone to delve into the magic of cinema and visit our booth (Gropius Bau #201) to try out the latest AI tech!

🎢 Creators and musicians can now upload their works to Web3, safeguarding originality and tracking all transaction records.

🥸 A.V. Mapping allows users to choose from three updated algorithms, each with their own focus: Sonnet for emotional and textual analysis, Sonata for image analysis & music categorization, and Mosaic for reference music analysis. These flexible analysis options enable users to find the best-fitting music according to their priorities.

🍿 Visit the A.V. Mapping Metaverse exhibition area, Happy Village, to experience our VR space, showcase various scenes, and display curated showreels for diverse brand and corporate use.

🫶 Limited Offer [Berlinale x A.V. Mapping Partnership]


Users who apply for the Partnership badge will be eligible to:

  1. Register for the Affiliation Program
  2. Gain access to a trial of our Metaverse exhibition space
  3. Join the A.V. Mapping 2024 FAIM Festival and gain global exposure
  4. Plan a free 3D Metaverse exhibition space at the festival (limited spots)
  5. More collaborations and business partnerships during the festival. You’re welcome to discuss further!

A.V. Mapping is Open to Cross-Industry Collaborations

We look forward to collaborating with partners from various fields. 🎥 Film Production Studios: Showcase your films at EFM booth, enabling more audiences to view your work. Providing contact details to any interested buyers. 🎤 Media: Offering first-hand insights and stories to help you capture the diverse aspects of this international festival. 🎸 Musicians: Upload your music to A.V. Mapping, and AI will recommend your music to filmmakers at the festival. Become the theme song for the next films nominated at the Berlinale! 💎 Fashion Brands: Feature clothes, brand and accessories across press.

Contact us at: [email protected]





A.V. Mapping invites all attendees to immerse themselves in the charm of cinema, and to experience our latest AI technology. Visit us at Booth #201 at Gropius Bau.

About A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a one-stop video music mapping platform. With the innovation and concept to shorten the work time for video producers, and also to increase the cash flow of the creative industry and more income to musicians at the same time, A.V. Mapping’s service is able to saves 95% of work-hours and accelerates the production of the original and copyrighted music market. A.V. Mapping can become the best assistant of creators, bringing a more efficient creative environment and higher-speed cash flow to the creative industry.

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