Harmony: A.V. Mapping x NVIDIA H100
Harmony: A.V. Mapping x NVIDIA H100
January 08, 2024

Harmony: A.V. Mapping x NVIDIA H100

A.V. Mapping has collaborated with NVIDIA to launch a customized AI music recommendation and analysis flagship device, “Harmony,” equipped with NVIDIA’s latest GPU, the H100. This partnership offers an unprecedented high-efficiency option for TV stations seeking customized AI solutions, significantly enhancing the efficiency of music selection and production processes.

Are you still using generic, canned music for your videos? Do you realize the significant quality improvement a complete soundtrack can bring to your video?

📺 Facing various challenges in program production, we are always looking for more efficient solutions. Now, we have finally found the answer!


A.V. Mapping, in collaboration with NVIDIA, has introduced the customized version of “Harmony,” powered by NVIDIA’s latest GPU, the H100. This device offers an unparalleled high-efficiency choice for TV stations’ customized AI, ensuring the highest efficiency in music selection and production. 🚀

NVIDIA’s H100 GPU is a high-performance graphics processing unit designed for data centers and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Product Efficiency and Advantages:

⚡ Enhanced AI Analysis Features: Customized Solutions for Television Broadcasters

In today’s era of digital transformation, television broadcasters are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Our solution, incorporating powerful AI analysis capabilities, is adept at quickly handling complex machine learning and deep learning tasks. This is essential not only for content creation, automated editing, and the enhancement of visual effects but also crucial for maintaining a lead in the digital era for broadcasters.

🔒 Exclusive Database and Customized Algorithms: Your Data, Our Commitment

Premium Exclusive Database: We offer a unique database integration and customized algorithmic mechanism to ensure the security and privacy of your data, preventing leakage and unauthorized sharing. This means you can enjoy the exclusive benefit of rapid analysis with assured data privacy and safety.🎨 Real-Time Rendering and Visual Effects: Creating High-Quality TV Programs and Advertisements

The high performance of the H100 enables real-time rendering of high-quality images and visual effects. Whether it’s for producing top-tier TV programs or engaging advertisements, our technology provides key support.

💻 Application Scenarios:

Customized Service: From Order to Application, Perfect Customized Algorithm Mechanisms!

📚 After-Sales Service: Our Commitment, Your Peace of Mind (Note: Non-transferable)

☎️ One-Year Professional Membership Contract and One-Year Custom Warranty


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