Official Invitation from Draper University as 1st Taiwanese founder
Official Invitation from Draper University as 1st Taiwanese founder
December 09, 2022

Official Invitation from Draper University as 1st Taiwanese founder

Frinny Lee, a female entrepreneur in the technology industry, recently visited Silicon Valley to showcase their developments at Draper University. Frinny Lee represented A.V. Mapping, participated in a range of activities with over 60 entrepreneurs from 30 different countries. They shared their experiences of the program and the insights they gained from it. The entrepreneurs were able to learn from various businesses from around the world, and had the opportunity to meet with other companies and investors. They also participated in startup events and presentations.

A.V. Mapping & Draper University & all the others went through so many things together. We have been through all the crazy & adventurous stories with these 60+ cohorts from 27 countries in 9 different sector: “Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, Financial Technology, Gaming, Healthcare/Biotech, Media & Entertainment, Architecture, Web 3, Prop Tech” in 2022 FALL cohort - #DrapersHero training program. We were selected from 1500+ startup around the world. And proud to be the 1st Taiwanese who was selected officially by Draper University.*q9FSR2RrTwrQYbHSRoz5Ng.jpeg Frinny on Hero City Stage

The entrepreneurs also shared that they were able to participate in an acceleration program in Silicon Valley, which lasted for more than five weeks. They were able to gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience during this time.

Despite the challenges they faced during their time in Silicon Valley, the entrepreneurs were able to make the most of their experience. They were able to adapt to the fast-paced environment and overcome any obstacles they encountered. They were also able to learn from their peers and gain valuable insights into the global business landscape.

It is clear that the entrepreneurs’ experience in Silicon Valley was a valuable one, and it will no doubt have a positive impact on their future endeavors. They will be able to use the knowledge and skills they gained during their time at Draper University to take their business to the next level and make a positive impact on the technology industry.

🎬 What is Draper University?

The University made for entrepreneurs! Tim Draper, investor of #Tesla, Coinbase, also have millions of followers in their TV show “Meet The Draper ”. With Draper Family 4th generation of venture capital background, the Draper University is own by Tim’s son. They built an extraordinary university, not like typical school did: the seats are flexible, the speakers are entrepreneurs and VCs, the students are all entrepreneurs, the mid-term exam is “survival week” with secret but crazy events, and the final exam is an intense training for our startup pitch in front of tons of VCs!

As startup founders, we always think about our work first. Regardless our health, and mental training. Then, attention! you might not be able to survive from the survival week.*sDfGt7GlG6Jh7r8JdF5YNg.jpeg Draper University Hero Training Program. Grand opening with Tim Draper.

Why A.V. Mapping is here?

A.V. Mapping is a one-stop AI video music matching & licensing platform. We recommend the music from thousands of musicians around the world to ADs., short films through AI analysis. And we were pitching as semi-final team on Meet The Drapers (TV show), the competitors were from all around the world last November. Surprisingly, we got the notification about Draper University this summer.

A.V. Mapping was selected officially by Draper University

What a coincidence! Actually, two months before the email, we were part of American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) select USA spinoff group and visited Hero City (Not Draper University tho) All the Draper associations are working with different teams. In other words, we have different opportunities to take part in Draper Association. AIT 《2022年選擇美國投資高峰會》SelectUSA新創代表團舊金山之行的第二天

Not came for investment, but for the opportunites & networking.

Since the failure to get into #MeetTheDrapers finalist, we were more focus on our Business Development in creators & film industry after then. But, as the hero oath, we still want to try again! For A.V. Mapping, the reason why we decided to be here, is to be involved in Draper Association & Silicon Valley, not looking for the investment, but for the oppurtunities and the connections around all cohorts!

I will fail and fail again until I succeed. - Hero Oath*4KyPUqmAoLdw5pYBMiKzww.jpeg

What I can change the world?

What A.V. Mapping can offer after hero training?

" Yes! Frinny, founder of A.V. Mapping, is now a female super hero, and she is a Taiwanese! “, she said in the session. We believe we can offer more than what we did before.

Contact us if you are…

  1. Music, Film lovers: Interested in Video, Music, Media, Entertainment industry

  2. Investors, Media: Looking for any expert and raising startups from “Artificial Intelligence, eCommerce, Financial Technology, Gaming, Healthcare/Biotech, Media & Entertainment, Architecture, Web 3, Prop Tech”

  3. Media, Film & Music Producers:

    • Looking for music, SFX & audio editing works, cooperation, license and advise in your visual, film, video, advertisement, drama, game production.
    • Producing video, film or music.
  4. Developer, Product Manager:

    • Finding video, image, music, script, text, AI solution.
    • Building your apps, platform, website, video editing software, hardware, camera, cellphone, search engine, speakers, audio video devices.
  5. Event organizers, founders:

    • Holding epic events and mixer.
    • Willing to be a super hero!
    • Curious about our story.
  6. Female investors, female founders. Welcome to join our group to help each others!

  7. Lecturers, Teachers, Speakers: Upgrading your lectures, classes, giving more immersive experience to your audience.

💰What have I learned from here?

💪🏻 Survived from survival week.

You never know what the next challenge would be, but all you can do is overcome through it.

During Survival week, hiking and running into the ocean for 135 Kilometers (83.88 Miles) in 5 days across San Mateo, San Francisco somewhere in US (I still don’t know where it is.), but once the navy told you to be top of the mountain on time, you have to WALK there, no exception.

When everyone under their limit….

Most of people can only think about themselves. They need to survive to help others. With limited resources (like limited kitchen pots and dinning tables), you can’t be too nice to everyone, even all the lessons told us to help each others. But in the other side, there are so many people, they are still so nice to help each others, be cool leaders, have their own colors and light. You can say they are extrovert, you can say they trained a lot, you can say they are strong, you can say they are just be cool as usual.

A week after, we finally knew the score from the survival week. Correspond to what they told us before we left: “Remember, you only have all these people in the same place once”. Once you miss the chance, you will never have it again. You can be cool, you can be low key, you can be humble, but if you miss the chance, you will never have it again.

But the most important part, we find out the valuable people & team man in our group. You can feel the support from others. Of course combined with negative things, but as Confucius said, “When we see a man of virtue and talent, we should think of equalling them; when we see a man of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves.” (見賢思齊,見不賢而內自省。)

The activities we have done are exciting & emotional experience. We signed the NDA, we can’t bring any electronic devices with us. Something real & cruel, also it was my first time holding the real gun and I hit the bull’s eye!

Overall, it was an extremely one of the best, happiest and painful experience ever just like our startup founders’ life. And, best of all, we encountered all the unknown difficulties together successfully!*T2zaxHtpJ4K65QapNte_4g.jpeg We encountered all the unknown difficulties together successfully!

🗣️Inspiring talks and hanging out with billionaires. Immersive training classes

A series of sessions happened in Draper University and Hero City. From busy VCs, the board member of Adobe, serial entrepreneurs, from 0 to 1 IPO companies founders, those brands we can hear all the time, their founders all came to these buildings. All we need to do is asking smart questions, taking notes and asking more smart questions.

One day, we have Gina Kloes — Game Changers International session with us for a whole day. It definitely changed my mindset. The practices we had in the session also touching and feeling so much, many people cried including me, I never have those feeling before. We know more about forgiveness, grateful, and love. As an introvert plus an Asian, we always taught to be humble and polite.

Yes, but, I will continue the life journey with “Leader goes first” rule now.*URLb_qUPzFVquTALPq3XJg.jpeg Opening of Gina Session

💃🏻Hanging out with Billionaires

We walked with Tim in the first day, pitched our startup in the demo day, jumped into the pool with Tim and many more! All the ocean, mountains, farms we have been to, or all the things we have done, are also Tim & Draper’s Family have been through.*gGoxVPpvBSnJvoSb-iTHWg.jpeg Walk with Tim in the first day

By the time, Tim and I were walking on the beach, we were talking 3 must do things as a Taiwanese:

  1. Climb the Mt. Jade. (Height: 12,967 feet = 3,952 meters)
  2. Cycling around the island. (Distance: 745.6 miles = 1,200 km)
  3. Swim across Sun Moon Lake (Distance: 9842.5 feet = 3,000 meters)

I was sharing this with Tim and told him, “After survival week, I think I can do rest of them.”

Tim said, “After survival, you can do anything!”*SNZrM9bBGVgpV-vp57Shmg.jpeg Jump into the ocean with Tim ![*I7hLU0KX6cZY6sfN] Frinny was on Mt. Jade Main Peak.

Live in the middle of Bay Area.

We live in San Mateo, old Japanese town, and also in between with San Francisco and San Jose. It is really convenient to have meetings or join the events either in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Stanford, Cupertino, Santa Clara or San Jose. It’s close to SFO airport, 10 mins drive. I think it makes sense that Draper family can expand the market to all over the world and have worldwide schedule oftenly. Just like 3 weeks ago, Tim was in Taiwan soon after our demo day!

Many more events.

During these two months, we were also part of TechCrunch Disrupt 2022 , Plug and Play Summit, San Francisco Tech Week (AV Mapping hosted an SFTW event in San Mateo).*MHeAbM_Nq8S4f6ufI3NYvA.jpeg TechCrunch Disrupt 2022

Welcome Northwestern University students visited DU!

Around with those students who are looking for the jobs but be inspired from our stories, become one of the most exciting moments for me.*J8Myx81bqClJYZY8_F6Btg.jpeg

We shared some stories about #AVMapping and joint with the experience in big companies with:

  • Frinny Lee, Founder & CEO of A.V. Mapping
  • Anya Cheng 矽谷阿雅, Founder & CEO of Taelor, ex-product lead of Facebook, eBay.
  • James Regan, Product Lead at Facebook
  • Sharon Shen, Data Science at Dropbox
  • Cheng Yuan Ke, Product Manager & Software Developer at Taelor
  • Divya Upadhyay, Co-founder of Mango Jelly
  • Suffiyan Malik , Head of Programs of Draper University
  • Waleed Arshad, Programs Associate Operations of Draper University & Founder of VeGrow

As Plug and Play Summit,

Hundreds of people gathered in Plug and Play’s building. Luckily, A.V. Mapping also got a spot in Demo Table! We were not stand by the table at all times, but we met some people heard us from SFTW, and we finally met in person! What a coincidence!*CkCqBAhju47TS9xs9JxOcA.jpeg*X0JQY7eX8qlRgpWsBNQTIg.jpeg

We also got our A.V. Mapping cafe from the barista!*MOSALj8KCpr0xNMrrNKWGg.jpeg

Draper University’s panel : Sequoia Capital & Pear VC

In the end of November, we have the panel held by DU’s manager-Suffiyan in Hero City.

  • Douglas Leone from Sequoia Capital, a legend about $150 millions to billions of dollars expansion to China, India and Europe.
  • Mar Hershenson from Pear VC is made for early startups, an extensive network to find these founders at the earliest stages.*aBgXmGFxGDQcN8NTW_zb4A.jpeg

2022 Fall Cohort Demo Day

Having 55 companies on Draper University Demo Day in front of Tim Draper — Investors of Baidu, Hotmail, Skype, Testla, SpaceX, AngelList, SolarCity, Ring, Twitter, DocuSign, Coinbase, Robinhood,, Twitch, Cruise Automation, Theranos and Focus Media; Andy Tang - Director of Draper Dragon Fund; Asra Nadeem — CEO of Draper University; Gina Kloes - an internationally recognized speaker, a Branson Center for Entrepreneurship mentor, a Tony Robbins Trainer, a Deepak Chopra Vedic Educator and a peak performance strategist and many more key person from Draper University, Draper Association. Even it was a long day for 55 startups with next billion ideas, they’re still so professional and gave all of us feedback which we all can learned a lot.

A.V. Mapping’s efforts has been seen in Silicon Valley and got pretty great expectations which is totally worth for this trip. We are excited for the #creators’ future with A.V. Mapping too!*o9uoHTMcIGn1uaHbo0TZYw.jpeg*vLdKgx20DoREuxkdNheICQ.jpeg

Last and foremost, hanging out with the amazing cohorts from around the world.

We spent day and night dancing, singing, eating, hiking, walking around, helping each others, or even just staying in DU. It seems that we’d never get bored and non-stop learning from all the people in the house.

I believe we will all set positive examples for others to emulate. And be super heroes to impact the world.

Last, share the photos: San Francisco sunrise. Shot by me, Frinny Lee.*QcWK5qwER-ZOMOhopcNhQg.jpeg

I might release more photos and stories on my Instagram & Medium & YouTube. Follow me !  👉🏻 Instagram: @frinnylee 👉🏻 Medium: Frinny Lee 👉🏻 YouTube: @frinnyl

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