2022 San Francisco Tech Week
2022 San Francisco Tech Week
December 08, 2022

San Francisco Tech Week

When it comes to San Francisco tech, what comes to your mind?

Salesforce, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Lyft, Uber or even south to Meta, Apple, Adobe, eBay, Hewlett Packard(HP), NVIDIA, PayPal, Zoom.. and so on. In bay area, you can see those skyscrapers with fancy offices and campus where served thousands of employees. Silicon Valley is the most famous business spot around the world, where made $6.1 Billion revenue last year.

Then, imaging, who was on San Francisco Tech Week?

San Francisco Tech Week (SFTW) is organized by a number of Venture Capitals (VCs), entrepreneurs, and community leaders in the Bay Area.

Luckily, A.V. Mapping is one of the co-host!

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/716/1*Dyjv-exJ03JlrvgifOhCrQ.jpeg The videos from A.V. Mapping, cooperation in Ad, NFT, Film creations.

A.V. Mapping held a creator’s mixer inside Draper University. So glad that A.V. Mapping made it with Draper University. Even just a creator’s meetup & mixer, A.V. Mapping got 200 people signed up! Including some famous companies and venture capital, and of course, a house of creators!

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/716/1*Vm5frONktGleqcpSVs5IcA.jpeg Participants not only talked about technology, creations, but also the ping-pong!

In the event, there are some from creator’s technology, software companies, investors from VC or senior from banks. And also artists, video makers, musicians, the creators from metaverse, AR VR MR fields. The participants not only talked about the technology for creators, but also the cooperation about creations & artworks. It seems we have some exhibitions going up just from this event, which is beyond expectation!

The event was designed to be within 2 hours, A.V. Mapping only prepared to help everyone’s introduction. But it ended up almost in 4 hours! ✨

It seems the vibe in Draper University is so attractive and people are so cool here!


Big thanks to Draper University to be our co-organizer and let us hold the event here as soon as SFTW announced the events and the date.




We have “e-Tim” in our room.

“So glad that the attendees come all the way from Bay Area to San Mateo and they have resonance with other creative souls.” — A.V. Mapping’s CEO, the organizer, Frinny Lee said.


A.V. Mapping’s CEO, the organizer, Frinny Lee

Like other SFTW events were hosted by venture capital- signal fire, 3+ ventures, to financial services- Brex, co-working space — WeWork etc. From fire-side chats to expert panels, SF Tech Week is the place for anyone to learn about all things happening in tech and crypto.

Holding any events in California? A.V. Mapping is here!  Our next event 👉🏻 Web 3.0 Metaverse Film Music Concert: AI vs Musicians.

More about A.V. Mapping

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