How can we deal with depression and anxiety when the world is stalling?
How can we deal with depression and anxiety when the world is stalling?
July 08, 2023

How can we deal with depression and anxiety when the world is stalling?

CoCo Lee, the 1st Mandarin female singer who sang in the Oscar Award ceremony, known for her positive and sunny image, had depression in recent years. Affected by her illness and emotions, she ultimately ended her life on the 5th of July. This February, she mentioned the concept of her new song, “I have experienced a lot and overcome many difficulties, but I remain strong and have not fallen.” Just two days before her passing away, she recorded a message expressing gratitude to her fans. The sudden tragic news has left many colleagues in the entertainment industry and fans deeply saddened.

Over 73% of musicians suffer from mental illnesses, with over 16.2 million musicians worldwide enduring the torment of psychological disorders. This number doesn’t even include the 91% of undiscovered creators. Dating back to the 60s and 70s, the infamous “27 Club” has seen the untimely deaths of numerous musical geniuses, including Brian Jones, the talented guitarist of the Rolling Stones, and Jim Morrison, the vocalist of The Doors, among many others. Even in recent days, Xiu Qi from Amazing Show, and Shi Xuan, the bassist of No Party for Cao Dong, have announced temporary breaks from their music career when they were just about to transform. In times with massive information and technology, music creators to keep up with trends, must produce works quickly, often neglecting their mental health and depleting their creative energy.

“If things don’t change after you tried so hard. It is not your fault, and you don’t need to apologize for your helplessness.”

How can we deal with depression?

Proper rest is crucial. Using online depression assessment tools correctly to check your mental state regularly. By making a habit, determine if you are in a health condition, and you can adjust soon after any discomfort arises.

Establishing a stable routine, including maintaining a balanced diet and sleep schedule, is important to keep your body and emotions stable. Going outside frequently to get some sunlight and participating in activities from different fields like flower arrangement, photography, sports, or revisiting past hobbies can help change your mood and temporarily quiet your mind.

Accept every state of yourself. Feeling depression is not your fault. Accept your emotions when you feel depressed, as only by noticing them can you find solutions. The most important thing is when you find yourself unable to control your emotions, seek professional assistance. Do not feel that seeking psychological counseling labels you as being sick; instead, view it as chatting with a friend to relieve stress. And remember, you can take things slowly, there is no need to rush. Everyone around you will accompany you through this period. When you understand how to take care of your mental well-being, you can unleash your greatest creative potential.

Except for mental illness, income is another concern.

Music permeates our lives, yet around 60% of music creators work without compensation, and on average, musicians only receive 12% of the total profits. Is music worthless? Turning on a music streaming platform during daily commutes has become a routine, but the profits that musicians earn from it are minimal. Taking Spotify as an example, when a song is listened to 10,000 times, the creator only shares less than $1. Talented creators with boundless potential are often the ones most easily sacrificed by technology.

A.V. Mapping benefits to creators and the arts industry.

Driven by the desire to boost creativity and streamline promotion, A.V. Mapping saves precious time for artists in the film and television industry while leading the way toward progress. Through innovative technology, this approach significantly reduces back-and-forth communication among creators by simplifying music synchronization with visuals. The previously daunting process of aligning sounds with images, which could take months, is now achievable in mere minutes thanks to an unchangeable machine-based method. This results in a remarkable 95% reduction in both time and cost for music synchronization.

No longer burdened with spending excessive hours or weeks on this task, creators can now concentrate on their artistic pursuits. Additionally, A.V. Mapping enables users to directly sign copyright contracts when purchasing music, addressing exploitation and copyright concerns across various platforms.

The ultimate goal is to empower not only the entire film, television, and music industries but also individual creators to focus on their artistry. By easing pressure through technology, A.V. Mapping allows a wider audience to discover diverse commercial and independent music pieces, increasing their recognition and enhancing the lives of artists. Creators will no longer compromise their art due to practical constraints as they will enjoy a more favorable creative environment. This drives the public to experience exceptional and inspiring sounds.

A.V. Mapping encourages all music creators to embrace this wave of technology, enabling their works to be disseminated worldwide without losing their rights.

By leveraging technology, A.V. Mapping allows creators to focus more on their creative work.

A.V. Mapping’s AI-powered platform connects music and videos, boasting a user base of 10,000 creators across 120 countries. Their innovative approach leverages AI-driven automated music sales, offering creators a profit-sharing ratio 40,000 times higher than the market standard. This maximizes the creators’ autonomy, visibility, and earnings.

Creators can tailor the pricing and usage conditions of their work, with the final price determined by the user’s licensing requirements. When users purchase music, they simultaneously complete the copyright agreement, and revenue is directly shared with the music creators.

In response to rampant piracy and plagiarism, A.V. Mapping utilizes blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies to provide transparent and easy access to transaction records, contract authorizations, and financial histories, ensuring the rights and interests of both creators and users. Additionally, creators can mint NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and sell merchandise or concert tickets in the metaverse, gaining more attention and breaking free from traditional marketing models.

“Enlighten Creators’ Potential With Technology” - A.V. Mapping

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