Can humans defeat AI? Thousands of creators joined the battle.
Can humans defeat AI? Thousands of creators joined the battle.
July 09, 2023

Can humans defeat AI? Thousands of creators joined the battle.

Al sales match videos with human-generated music and authentic sound effects, ensuring authenticity by legalization and Web 3.0

A.V. Mapping, an AI music for video platform, will host the first Metaverse concert and collaboration with AI in the world, called the Documentary of Film Music AI versus Musicians NFT Concert (FAIM) at the end of the year in Taipei, Los Angeles, and the online metaverse.

Can humans defeat AI?

In the ever-evolving realm of music production, a groundbreaking event is about to take place. It’s a clash between AI and human ingenuity, where they compete in the art of composing soundtracks. This thrilling competition brings together the cutting-edge capabilities of AI technology and the boundless creativity of human musicians. Join us as we witness an extraordinary battle that blurs the lines between man and machine, challenging our perceptions of music creation.

A.V. Mapping’s AI group and the human group

Inviting musicians, creators, and artists from any field to join this festival.

The competition will be divided into two main groups: the A.V. Mapping’s AI group and the human group. The AI Group represents the culmination of years of technological advancements. Harnessing the power of data and machine learning algorithms, AI systems analyze an extensive database of musical compositions to select the most fitting soundtrack for a given video. Witness the astonishing ability of AI to identify harmonies, rhythms, and emotions, providing an unparalleled level of precision in music selection.

The Human Team is a gathering of talented musicians, composers, and creators from diverse backgrounds. Armed with their unique perspectives, expertise, and passion for music, these individuals craft original compositions specifically tailored to accompany the designated videos. The Human Group showcases the timeless artistry and innovation that emanate from the human spirit, delivering a personal touch that resonates with audiences.

Musicians can choose their group.

  • AI Group: Musicians only need to upload their music, and the AI will determine the most suitable music for the given video.
  • Human Group: Musicians create original compositions for specific videos and fill out a form to submit their entries.

But the excitement doesn’t end there.

The fate of the competition lies in the hands of the audience.

As the ultimate judges, they have the power to vote for their favorite compositions, determining the winners of each round. This interactive element adds an electrifying engagement, allowing the audience to actively participate and influence the outcome of this musical showdown.

The concert over 5,000 musicians joined

From music master Li Tai- Hsiang to 5,000 musicians and creators around the world, they all join the FAIM concert. In addition to creators, all music enthusiasts, technophiles, and individuals delving deeper into understanding AI can engage in communication and sharing with musicians from around the world on the Metaverse platform. We invite you to join us!

Breaking new ways of promotion for the entertainment and media industry, advertisements and brands, visual creators and music stars.

Visual creators, brands or production houses can upload their ad., videos and images, allowing musicians to re-compose the music or letting AI match the best soundtrack for the videos. This way, their artworks can be viewed again by thousands of audiences. During the event, creators also can reintroduce brands and sell merchandise to global fans. This exposure can attract more investors and businesses. Selected video works by A.V. Mapping can assist to mint NFTs, enabling video creators to sell other Web 3.0 products.

Music companies or artists can choose to join the human group to re-compose music for designated videos or upload their music database to the AI group, allowing AI to match the most suitable music for videos. Musicians can also use the Web 3.0 platform to sell their artworks, merchandise, records, and concert tickets, breaking free from previous limitations and embracing the wave of technological revolution. Allowing creations to reach a broader audience, establishing awareness in the industry.

Brands, companies, and creators can also leverage AI creation tools to produce audio or video content, such as reels, YouTube video, TikTok and soundtracks. They can share these results on social media, worldwide advertisement boards, and the Web 3.0 community, increasing their visibility and sparking discussions. Exchange of opinions and information on the platform, enabling collaborations and fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem.

We also look forward to collaborating with companies and brands from the Metaverse, music labels, film productions, and various fields. We can provide customized solutions based on their specific needs. For more detailed information, please contact us directly.

A.V. Mapping’s AI leads creators to win the battle against AI.

In this era of AI explosion, A.V. Mapping aims to enlighten creators with technology. Our AI tool has the capability to condense finding video music production from a lengthy 6-month endeavor to a mere 5 seconds. This empowers not only filmmakers but also musicians to undertake more projects, generate higher income, and dedicate more time to nurturing their creativity. Furthermore, users can directly sign copyright agreements on the platform, significantly reducing communication costs while simultaneously protecting creators through copyright contracts.

A.V. Mapping’s AI recommends and matches suitable music automatically. Besides individual creators, advertising and media agencies, and film production houses can also select the scope of copyright usage based on their own needs. The platform offers customized licensing, allowing users to define authorized platforms according to their preferences. For example, they can specify that a video is only for use on YouTube and not on TikTok, or limit the usage to specific regions like Taiwan or the United States. Users can also set the duration of the copyright, whether it’s for online or offline use, and the final amount will be updated based on the user’s copyright conditions. Signing the copyright contract takes only a few minutes, and the video can be directly published on the official account or used for commercial purposes. It significantly reduces communication cost for brands, visual creators, or influencers.

Users can refer to our music pricing list, as prices may vary depending on the musicians. Additionally, we provide creators and users with the ability to access transaction records, contract authorization information, and transaction amounts at any time. We ensure transparency in the process while safeguarding the interests of both creators and users.

A.V. Mapping: One-stop AI video and music matching and licensing platform.

A.V. Mapping enlighten creators with technology. A.V. Mapping’s AI possesses the ability to quickly identify the most appropriate music, sound effects (SFX), or reduce noise for a video in just a minute. Moreover, users have the convenience of signing copyright contracts directly on the platform.

Media Contact: Ms. Lee: [email protected]

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