AI is now leading creators to compete with AI
AI is now leading creators to compete with AI
November 16, 2023

AI is now leading creators to compete with AI


AI is Helping Creators

In this piece, we explore how AI can be utilized to simplify the music-making process.

AI holds the potential to enhance the musical experience in various ways, and researchers globally are delving into these possibilities.

While our focus is on elucidating how AI is currently being employed to aid artists in diverse ways, we choose not to delve into the specifics of how these approaches function.

Creating random music is simple, but crafting excellent music is more challenging. Although music is highly subjective, there are many renowned artists who can compose beautiful tunes that resonate with the majority of listeners. It is conceivable that we can train computers to achieve similar feats.

Furthermore, Machine Learning algorithms can learn our musical tastes and subsequently generate new works reflecting them. The early results of this technique are promising.

AI makes a significant impact on the music industry

Musicians need not worry about being replaced by robots. We are still a long way from the point where AI can perform and express the emotion like human.

Yet, as technology continues to advance and the music industry explores ways to use AI to enhance human creativity, the world will continue to experience a more pleasant and satisfying auditory landscape with each passing year.

What is FAIM Concert

Are you an NFT creator, filmmaker, influencer, or someone involved in commercial production? Join us! This event is a game-changer, and we’re offering you front-row seats to witness the synergy of music, artificial intelligence (AI), and the internet shaping the content we all love. If you have a passion for music or technology or if you’re an introvert seeking to connect with new people, consider joining us.

A.I., N.F.T., The Metaverse, or the Other Side of the Universe—have you contemplated how these latest innovations could be integrated? The FAIM concert was the pioneer in this regard. Artificially intelligent film composers, using a technique called “A.V. Mapping,” will compete with renowned artists for film scores while collaborating with tens of thousands of musicians globally. The metaverse tournament will be broadcast on screens worldwide, and NFT holders can cast votes for their favorite participant. Meanwhile, anyone interested can attend the gatherings in person.

The world’s first AI-driven Metaverse Film Music Concert

As far as we know, this will be the world’s first AI-driven Metaverse Film Music Concert. Over twenty creative firms focused on visuals, the metaverse, and NFTs from Asia, Europe, and North America have already joined us. Through our innovative AI cloud platform, we connect artists worldwide, realizing the dream of A.V. Mapping: using technology to inspire creativity.

To make this groundbreaking event happen, we are accepting contributions in the form of cryptocurrency and advance ticket sales. Additionally, you can attend this historic concert in the virtual world of the metaverse. It’s a monumental occasion, marking the edge of integrating artificial intelligence in ways we could never have predicted.

Every content creator faces the struggle of finding suitable music for their video. Beyond the time spent searching, creators deal with copyright and financial issues when using music. It consumes too much time!

A.V. Mapping finds you a match

At A.V. Mapping, our AI analyzes your video and matches you with a composer from our pool of over tens of thousands.

Imagine personalizing that performance just for yourself. What if attendees could help shape the concert they experience? And what if you could be the first person to purchase a ticket?

While witnessing our AI algorithms match your footage with our music collection, you can attend this virtual concert and watch various artists create original music for your film.

Witness the future of concerts in the Meta-Verse through an innovative musical, artistic, and technical documentary brought to you by A.V. Mapping. Having achieved success with our award-winning video music AI, we invite you to the next stage of internet development: the Movies Music Documentary NFT Showcase of AI vs. Human Musicians (FAIM concert).

When we started at 2019

Yes, it’s a massive undertaking, much like A.V. Mapping was when we first took the stage in 2019, and look at us today! We have been featured at CES 2022, Web Summit, Cannes Film Festival, TechCrunch, Canada Music Week, and in hundreds of news releases. We have won numerous awards, including the Best of the Best in the Red Dot Award, the global Top-24 in She Loves Tech, the AWE held by Meta & AIT (American Institute in Taiwan), and the DSA (Best products for Ad. industry). Without an interest in music, none of this would have been conceivable.

Film composer background

As backers of a film composer, we understand the value of a streamlined production process. Thanks to A.V. Mapping, the time it takes to create a music video can be reduced from six months to just five. This means increased productivity, more income, and more time for artists in various creative fields, such as music, to dedicate to their individual creative processes. Thus, a virtual meeting is the ideal platform to bring these individuals together.


AI vs Musicians

AI vs. Musicians in Film Scoring is a groundbreaking competition introduced by A.V. Mapping, a top-rated AI-powered platform for video music matching, licensing, SFX, and audio editing. The Web 3.0 Metaverse Film Music Concert is a competition set to take place in the virtual world, featuring both artificial intelligence and human musicians skilled in the art of film scoring.

To select the best original score for a series of short films, AI and human musicians will compete in a series of tasks. Independent filmmakers submit their works for consideration, and a team of specialists in the field evaluates the submitted films and their respective ratings.

Musicians of all experience levels are welcome to participate by submitting original songs, music videos, or other works of creative expression.“We are pleased to present this groundbreaking competition that will showcase the abilities of both AI and human artists in the world of film scoring,” said Frinny Lee, CEO of A.V. Mapping. This competition aims to highlight the advantages of AI in film scoring while providing a new platform for artists to showcase their work and musical abilities.

Due to the nature of the tournament, competitors and spectators can come from all over the globe to participate in the event. The final round will be broadcast live on A.V. Mapping’s website and social media, and the winning composition will be performed at a virtual concert.

welcome to join us

To finance the remaining aspects of the event’s production, we will be accepting donations (in the form of cryptocurrency) and selling tickets in advance. Additionally, you have the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking musical event through a metaverse online concert. In other words, we are on the verge of witnessing a significant watershed moment in history. Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon become a part of our lives in ways we never imagined were conceivable.

AI vs Human

The concept of creating artificial intelligence capable of mimicking human thought has transitioned from science fiction to a plausible reality. Tasks that were once deemed impossible for humans to perform can now be executed by robots. The pursuit of building machines with artificial intelligence has been ongoing for a considerable period, aiming to enlist their assistance in various tasks.

Generative AI

Numerous perspectives propose that computer-generated entities, including bots, humanoids, robots, and computer-generated humans, either surpass humanity or collaborate with us. These AI-powered applications excel in terms of execution speed, operational capacity, and accuracy, particularly outperforming humans in mundane, repetitive tasks.


Nature of Existence

The key to human intelligence lies in a set of cognitive processes that enable us to adapt to our surroundings. As a subfield of computer science, artificial intelligence aims to develop robots capable of performing tasks similar to those of humans.

Memory Usage

Content remembering and reasoning are human abilities, whereas robots follow preprogrammed instructions created by scientists.

Learning Process

Human intelligence relies on the myriad permutations and responses encountered throughout their lifetime, potentially amounting to millions of unique actions. However, AI is often designed or tailored for a specific set of tasks, posing challenges in generalizing its application to various contexts.


In certain domains, artificial intelligence may surpass human intellect. For instance, a supercomputer defeated the best human chess player by recalling every move ever made in the game, while humans can only remember their own last 10 moves.


Yet, Human Intelligence is synonymous with adaptable education and life experience. It doesn’t often require extensive amounts of data preparation, as is necessary for AI. In comparison to the hardware and software that constitute a computer, human memory, its recording capability, and the human body as an element might seem inconsequential. Yet, the complexity and unpredictability of the human brain make it an obstacle that robots are unlikely to surmount anytime soon.

The key to human intelligence

lies in a set of cognitive processes that enable us to adapt to our surroundings. As a subfield of computer science, artificial intelligence aims to develop robots capable of performing human-like tasks. Weak AI, but not Strong AI, has been implemented, despite the best efforts of the AI research community thus far. For this reason, some argue that achieving fully human-level artificial intelligence will never be possible. Artificial intelligence is currently defined as the capacity to replicate human behavior.

Moreover, although AI will undoubtedly make people’s lives easier in the future and may even encourage people to advance their skill sets, it may never be feasible for such robots to fully replace the human resource.

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