Maximizing Video and Music Production Efficiency with AI Technology
Maximizing Video and Music Production Efficiency with AI Technology
August 27, 2022

Manually searching for music to match video projects is inefficient,

both in terms of human communication and search time, and makes post-production and music authorization more difficult. AV Mapping employs AI to enable composers to use a one-stop AI video and music mapping platform, proven to shorten the music-for-video search by nearly two thousand times.

To explain the company and how it built the first cutting-edge AI technology platform,

we have to start with the founder, and CEO Frinny. A film composer who has made over 300 works which were displayed in 60 countries on video music, SFX, sound editing and music production for live band, choirs, big band and orchestra. In these videos, she was composing the music, writing the rhythms, arranging and orchestrating, singing, playing instruments like piano, synthesizer, guitar, bass, flute, clarinets and so on. Sometimes it takes half a year for work (like a film or a drama), but most of the arts are still on low budgets. Because the work is so complicated and time consuming, it is always underestimated. After it is completed, Frinny needs to make a law firm protect the copyrights and guarantee a payment, and even some royalty fees for the future.

Her past works have won film music awards and were part of 60 countries’ shows and film festivals.

She studied in engineering college, so therefore is always thinking about the possibilities between technology and the creations. Her aim is to accelerate the process and help out more creative people than a person can do.

A decentralized smart contract system

Originally, she tried to build a decentralized smart contract system when it was too early and the market was unmatured. 3 years ago, however, with the help of an AI engineer, she came out of this with A.V. Mapping, a company to help out creators in their video & music career & process. On the route, the product won Best of the Best in Red Dot Award in AI solution, Best Potential Award through American Institute in Taiwan & Meta, regional Champion in She Loves Tech, and Advertisement innovation award etc..

The company aims to maximize efficiency and productivity for the entire creative industry

by providing a one-stop platform of mapping the most suitable music and dealing with the music licensing for every video producer, filmmaker, creative agency, production house, etc., while shortening the film scoring time by 2000% instead of half a year. It also increases the commercial value of every single music note.

With A.V. Mapping, customers save 96% of production time from the point video edited and uploaded, music picked up with AI recommended, paid for music contracts, released into different platforms and to earn money. The company spends 8 seconds only, with your desirable budgets to get the most suitable music from AI video & music analysis. Furthermore, it also has SFX and noise reduction prepared for customer’s videos. The company is essentially digging into the Ad Video production houses who need faster service and high quality music from creators or recording studios. All in one platform, from the request to the techniques, from 6 months to a few seconds, from offline to online without virus, from human to computer but care of human rights, it also shared high profits for musicians, and all transactions are openness and transparent under certain contracts protected. which was framed with far famed lawyers, and also got US & Taiwan innovation patent rights approved .

Users upload videos or photos to A.V. Mapping,

through computer, tablets or cellphone. They can also input the budget, their preference, reference music, or scripts; the AI would analyze the video and music, then give you the suitable three songs for you each time in step 2. Users can then download the preview songs, or reanalyze if they like. SFX and audio editing are ready at the same time. Then, users can check and sign the contract immediately without going back and forth with music or license companies.

Upload video, choose recommendations, and pay for contracts. That’s all users need to do. Compared with the 6 months duration, A.V. Mapping hopes it can be the most helpful AI for creators.

In this half year, the mapping times grew at 1127%, got 7K creators from 126 countries and 60K music, and over a hundred news releases from the Bay area, US, German, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Iran, Singapore etc. Besides professionals, the company also has lifestyle videos or events which need to be ready as soon as possible. Following up the music with photos, it has photographers, artists, and many selfies. They can easily get the license to sell their works in video or NFT, or even just to entertain themselves as a collection.

AV Mapping has some user cases in short films, Ad. productions, and also creators, YouTubers. They like the way the product is saving their time and speeding up the process to get the license without worrying so much.

The company has 7 K creators with it. It can also count out more than 582 millions creators in the world which also own 6.7 times potential growth but only 0.2% of them are sound experts. In the era with 1 M video streaming per seconds, audio parts should be done faster and faster.

AV Mapping combined the AI analysis on video, music, or audio features, reference music, and the 60K music database from all over the world, in one cloud platform. Next, it is going to add on NFT and smart contracts. Most of the time, the company is using NVIDIA’s GPUs and super computer setup to train our models and using cloud computing services to analyze the videos and music elements in time. To serve 24–7, it is using Amazon web services as our cloud service, and NVIDIA also provides benefits for it as an inception program with Amazon.

The artificial intelligence platform offered by A.V. Mapping analyzes aspects of a film such as facial expression, color, motion, and environment to find complimentary music. The genre of music, its emotions, speed, pitch, and tune are taken into consideration when matching it with a film as well.

To get a precise solution, the founders tried multiple ways and combined 14 AI models, 14M training data for video & music in all these 13 hundred different features to read the objects & action in stories, to hear the emotions & genres in tune, to find out all the possibilities between video and music. After more than 2 years of trial and error, the company finally relaunched last August and still keeps optimizing. Users can join the subscription and try anytime they like.

For the market, AV Mapping is first focusing on Ad. and video production houses, so the company made this platform like an app for filmmakers’ working process which also matches with game industries’. They’re optimizing the SFX, AI, and apps to more entertainments, live streaming, NFT or social media perspectives. They are also open to requests from users, to expand the market to those who need music, license, or develop their creators’ careers. The company also thought about practicalizing the creations from digital into entities sooner or later.

Comparing with other Apps in the market reveals that their users need to listen to every song and pick the one they like, and only a short rhythm with random songs. Apps may or may not have paid for musicians. However, in A.V. Mapping, AI chooses the most suitable three songs for users, which also serve sfx & audio editing works; because of their usage and license condition, they are paying to the musicians directly. This act not only supports more creators, but also takes part in music and film industries, to trigger more talents and creations.

The company can fit in different situations. From remarkable moments to markable clips, not only because they considered the license conditions and pricing difference, but also because they trained their AI in multiple ways to fit in different scenarios. They also spread the ideas into ads. That is how they work with AI, tech, and solid systems.

In the time a user can finish the video with their cell phone, they only need 7 seconds to be famous. One of the fastest ways to spread the voice is through videos. Then, how can a great video be made without music and audio? How can users ignore the copyrights which help them raise up their channel safely? The company is doing the thing that humans co-work with AI, AI help with humans.

We can estimate the Total addressable market in commercial videos’ audio part would be 2.3 Trillion, not including the growth of entertainment, creators, and NFT.

As a filmmaker, users need to join the membership and pay for their music license each time. The company would share the profits with musicians once transactions are completed.

Sign up to be benefited with a design awarded interface, global transaction from payment to withdrawal, an innovative A.V. (audio & video) AI invention, and the credibility from our supporters.

A.V. Mapping,

Red-Dot Award Best of the Best 2020 | She Loves Tech Top 24 | UCBerkeley SkyDeck GIP | NVIDIA Inception | TTA SV recommended, is thrilled to be the pioneer of bringing the creative industry into the digital age with the cutting edge application of A.I. technology, which owns the unique technical service and under reviewing patent right, to cherish all talents and let artists focus on the essence of the creation, improve life quality, and also speed up the cash flow in the art industry.*rDQwXN-_X0XbiyjF

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