Mark the Success of the 74th Berlinale and EFM
Mark the Success of the 74th Berlinale and EFM
March 10, 2024

Mark the Success of the 74th Berlinale and EFM

The 74th Berlin International Film Festival and European Film Market (EFM) concluded with remarkable success, setting new records in attendance and fostering promising collaborations within the global film industry. With over 12,000 trade visitors, 614 exhibitors, 1,263 buyers, and 664 films showcased, the event proved to be a vibrant hub for cinematic innovation and exchange.

A highlight of the festival was the participation of A.V. Mapping, one of the ten startups selected to present their groundbreaking products to industry professionals. A.V. Mapping provides a service for filmmakers to find the music for their film with AI in a few seconds rather than 6 months. When users upload the video, images, scripts or reference music, AI will soon recommend the most suitable licensed music for video from musicians. From co-production, film music, to video production, with the help of A.V. Mapping & AI, creators can easily shorten the working process, generate revenue but not lose their jobs.

A.V. Mapping joined more than 60 sessions!

A.V. Mapping seized the opportunity to engage with filmmakers and experts, participating in 22 sessions and parties, 38 film screenings, and networking events focused on startup solutions and emerging talents.

Reflecting on their experience, A.V. Mapping expressed gratitude for the invaluable mentorship received from industry veterans and fellow startup founders. The company appreciated the opportunity to collaborate and learn from esteemed figures and other outstanding startups!

2024 Honorary Golden Bear Ceremony

Throughout the festival, attendees engaged in enriching discussions and screenings, including the Honorary Golden Bear Ceremony honoring Martin Scorsese and the Archive Market, where fruitful conversations flourished. Notable mentions include the World Cinema Fund Day, Taiwan Cinema Night, and the Berlinale Retrospective, featuring insightful discussions on film restoration and heritage.

Taiwan Cinema Night

Berlinale Talents, Retrospective, Generation Kplus, Generation 14plus and World Cinema Fund

The Berlinale Talents program facilitated meaningful encounters, enabling filmmakers like Cheng-Hsu Chen to showcase their projects and connect with peers from diverse backgrounds. Attendees also celebrated the diversity of cinema through events such as the Generation Kplus and Generation 14plus Kurzfilme screenings, where the audience engaged in heartwarming Q&A sessions with filmmakers like Ialo Castilla from Mexico. The festival was a testament to the power of cinema to transcend borders and cultures, as evidenced by interactions with filmmakers from Taiwan, Senegal, Mozambique, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

EFM, a place for Professional Filmmakers.

The Berlinale and EFM is a place for world-wide filmmakers to showcase cinematic heritage and foster international collaborations. Events such as the EFM reception by Italy, “Country in Focus,” and sessions hosted by Saudi Arabia film commissions and universities underscored the festival’s commitment to promoting global dialogue and cooperation in the film industry.

A.V. Mapping extends heartfelt appreciation to its dedicated team for their hard work and commitment to realizing the company’s vision and products. As the festival concludes, A.V. Mapping looks forward to sharing insights gleaned from the festival and continuing to support the advancement of cinema through innovative technology.

2024 Latest iF Design Winner in Service Design

The other good news is A.V. Mapping was honored with the prestigious 2024 iF Design Award, a globally renowned design competition. A.V. Mapping was recognized in the Service Design category. The iF International Design Forum Limited (iF Design) hosts the iF Design Award annually, It will be on 29th of April in Berlin this year. iF Design headquartered in Hanover, Germany, and is one of Germany’s oldest independent design institutions.

About A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a one-stop music for video mapping platform. With the innovation and concept to shorten the work time for film producers, and also to increase the cash flow of the creative industry and more income to musicians at the same time, A.V. Mapping’s service is able to save 95% of work-hours and accelerates the production of the original and copyrighted music market. A.V. Mapping can become the best assistant of creators, bringing a more efficient creative environment and higher-speed cash flow to the creative industry.

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