Embracing the Future with AI: A.V. Mapping's Inspiring Speech at the 1111 Job Bank
Embracing the Future with AI: A.V. Mapping's Inspiring Speech at the 1111 Job Bank
December 05, 2022

Embracing the Future with AI: A.V. Mapping’s Inspiring Speech at the 1111 Job Bank

🌟 In our 7th of November, 2023 speech at 1111 Job Bank, we shared how A.V. Mapping is influencing the future of the creative industry.


We are honored to have presented and shared our insights at the 1111 conference. In our talk, we delved into the fusion of the following key points:

Understanding and Navigating Copyrights: Expertise in music reproduction rights, public rights, and agency authorization. Serving users in 126 countries, participating in over a hundred accelerator events and international exhibitions, and featured in 5,000 news media outlets. Addressing Generative AI Concerns:

  • Google with GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield
  • Facebook with Data Protection, German’s Antitrust
  • British Airways
  • Generative AI cases in California, US Court


🎶Emphasizing Creator Voices:

Fostering an environment where technology and humanity coexist and thrive.

Navigating Copyright and Future Challenges: Staying ahead in handling copyright issues and preparing for future industry shifts. At A.V. Mapping, we’re pioneering a new era in music creation, blending traditional elements with modern sounds and opening doors to uncharted musical styles. Our platform is a hub for creativity, inviting collaborations across disciplines to redefine music.

🤝 Collaboration Across Fields

Exploring the Future of AI in Music and Art: A.V. Mapping’s Vision

A.V. Mapping stands as an all-in-one AI imaging and music platform, revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

We believe in the power of merging diverse skills and knowledge. A.V. Mapping encourages collaborations between artists and tech experts, fostering innovation and unique music experiences.


🎤 Transforming Performance and Production:

Our technology needs to be changed as well

technology reshapes music creation and live performances, offering tools for dynamic and immersive experiences. We’re excited to partner with artists and producers to explore new realms in music.

🤖 AI Technology in Art and Music:

We’re at the forefront of integrating AI in music and art, offering customized audio-visual matching services and efficient, accurate music selection. Our platform respects creators’ rights, ensuring legal and ethical use of music.

A.V. Mapping is well-prepared for the future, embracing the trends and challenges ahead. We are dedicated to being at the forefront of technological and creative advancements in the music and art industry.

A.V. Mapping is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards a future where technology enhances human creativity, ensuring a balanced and inclusive future for the entertainment industry. 🌐🎵👩‍🎨

Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine the boundaries of art and music with AI.


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