Copyright Statements and the Positioning in the Industries
Copyright Statements and the Positioning in the Industries
November 04, 2023

Copyright Statements and the Positioning in the Industries

Music Copyright Statement and Introduction

Overview of the Music Industry

In today’s music industry, creators can earn royalties by having their music used as soundtracks for movies, TV series, and other media, thereby increasing their popularity. A.V. Mapping was created to address this issue by utilizing the latest AI technology to match the right soundtrack within minutes. Users can sign the copyright directly on the platform. Additionally, blockchain technology is employed to ensure that all licensing transactions are fully tracked and recorded, guaranteeing that every creator receives their fair share of copyright revenue through direct profit-sharing. This completely revolutionizes the cumbersome licensing process of the past.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Today’s Technology Platforms

What are the shortcomings of current music streaming platforms? Most creators have to upload their work to platforms like Spotify through distributors, and when a song is listened to 10,000 times, the creator only receives less than $1. Artists also do not receive any royalties from Spotify. Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, in some countries, have strict copyright laws, and technology platforms often operate in the ambiguity of license agreements, leading to works being used in gray areas where users avoid paying copyright fees.

A.V. Mapping’s Solution

Music can be utilized through A.V. Mapping in various areas, allowing musicians to define their own pricing and licensing scope. We utilize AI matching technology and AI cloud computing to automatically complete music and image matching in as little as 8 seconds. Users can adjust the copyright according to their usage needs, subverting the traditional licensing methods. Music can be used in different fields such as advertising walls, video works, live performances, etc., through A.V. Mapping, significantly increasing the visibility of the works. The platform’s fair trading environment ensures that sound engineers receive reasonable copyright income, promoting a healthier working environment and stable industry development.

We provide users with the ability to sign copyright contracts directly, reducing the time spent on discussions between users and creators. Creators can set prices for different scenarios, allowing buyers to directly choose conditions, minimizing the time spent on trivialities and enabling creators to focus on their creations.

Blockchain Technology to Ensure Transaction Authenticity and Fairness

A.V. Mapping leverage blockchain technology to permanently store all transaction records on the public blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and fairness of transactions.

A.V. Mapping’s AI Advocates Creativity for Creators

In the flourishing era of video growth and AI, A.V. Mapping encourages creators to embrace this new wave of technology. The platform aims to create more opportunities and value for creators by providing avenues for collaboration in various creative fields. The innovative approach leverages AI-driven automated music sales, offering creators a profit-sharing ratio 40,000 times higher than the market standard. This maximizes creators’ autonomy, visibility, and earnings.

Video Copyright Statement and Introduction

Today’s Video Industry

In the video creation field, time is crucial, and only 0.2% of the world’s producers specialize in sound. A.V. Mapping’s technology increases overall operating speed by up to 2,000 times, eliminating the need for video creators to spend excessive time searching for suitable music materials. This efficient transaction process enables creators to bring their ideas to life faster, increasing efficiency and productivity. A.V. Mapping provides diverse and flexible music choices through AI auto-scoring, enhancing the expressiveness and emotional conveyance of film and television works.

Copyrighted Images on the A.V. Mapping Platform

A.V. Mapping, hosted on Amazon (AWS), strictly protects creators’ works using firewalls, anti-virus systems, and other information security equipment. Users can upload videos to A.V. Mapping, and the platform retains information for 30 days before deletion. The platform provides options for users to share audition music and videos with third parties while maintaining copyright protection through registration on A.V. Mapping.

Analysis and Recommendation Technology for Video Music

A.V. Mapping’s advanced AI technology works alongside music experts to improve the quality of video works. AI auto-scoring can recommend appropriate music based on the analysis of film, text, and plot, while music experts contribute their experience and expertise to enhance expressiveness and suitability. Their involvement ensures harmony between music and image, providing more personalized music choices that add quality to the image.

Is AI Copyrighted?

As of early 2023, the U.S. Copyright Office is examining copyright law and policy issues raised by AI technology. Comprehensive regulations are being developed, and we will keep updating the latest information.

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Author: Ko Hsin Chen

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