AVMapping x LA Tech Week Showcase Global and AI Creativity
AVMapping x LA Tech Week Showcase Global and AI Creativity
January 28, 2023

A.V. Mapping & LA Tech Week Showcasing Global Creativity and AI Innovation

Hundreds of participants from around the world came together to showcase the remarkable talent and innovative potential of Taiwanese and global creativity and AI innovation through A.V. Mapping and LA Tech Week.

A.V. Mapping, an award-winning video music AI platform, was one of the co-hosts of LA Tech Week. The company hosted two events for creators and web3 enthusiasts in LA, giving participants a glimpse into the future of content creation and the role of AI and NFTs in the process.

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/873/0*g5H17SRWsf6mxZNb.jpeg Film, Visual, Metaverse, NFT Creators Showcase & Mixer from LA Tech Week

The Film, Visual, Metaverse, NFT Creators Showcase & Mixer

The first event, was held on August 16th and provided a platform for visual artists to showcase their works and for musicians to compete against AI in a unique concert experience. The event was a huge success, attracting over 300 participants from all over the LA ecosystem.

The Entertainment Creators Mixer

The second event, was held on August 19th and provided a platform for creators, filmmakers, influencers, commercial makers, and musicians to come together and discuss the future of the entertainment industry. The event featured a panel of industry experts and provided a networking opportunity for the participants.

A.V. Mapping is an AI platform that helps creators to easily work with AI and NFTs, providing a range of features including video music creation, mind mapping, and user story mapping. The company has received widespread recognition, with over 180 news releases in 15 languages.

The events were a huge success, providing a platform for participants to learn about the latest trends in the entertainment industry and network with like-minded individuals. A.V. Mapping is proud to have been a part of LA Tech Week and looks forward to hosting more events in the future.

https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/873/0*54O4rmJnXb0T0-A2.jpeg Santa Monica Theater

Organized with challenges

As the organizer of the Film, Visual, Metaverse, NFT Creators Showcase & Mixer, Frinny Lee had a lot on her plate. Not only was she tasked with coordinating all the logistics and details of the event, but she was also doing it all on her own in LA. Despite the challenges and obstacles that arose, Frinny remained determined and focused on making the event a success.

One of the biggest challenges Frinny faced was securing a venue for the event. After scouring the west side of LA for the perfect spot, she finally found the perfect location. However, just days before the event, the venue unexpectedly disappeared. Frinny had to scramble to find a new location on short notice, but she was able to secure a new venue and make it work.

Frinny also had to navigate the logistics of AV devices, videos, decorations, tickets, and interns all on her own. But with the help of her Taiwan team, venues and workers, who came in to help out at the last minute, Frinny was able to pull off the event with great success.

Despite all the challenges, Frinny’s hard work paid off. The event was a huge success, with over 300 participants in attendance. It was a testament to Frinny’s determination, organization skills and ability to think on her feet. And it was all worth it when she saw the joy and excitement on the faces of the creators, filmmakers, influencers, and commercial makers who attended the event.

Overall, Frinny’s experience as the organizer of the event was a roller coaster of emotions, but it was all worth it in the end. And she can’t wait to see what the future.


Taiwanese and global creativity and AI innovation

A.V. Mapping also brought two Taiwanese creators to the stage of LA Tech Week, sharing their creations, music, videos, short films, NFTs, and different visual creations and arts with local creators in Los Angeles. These creators gave attendees an insight into the exciting and innovative work being done in Taiwan and how it is shaping the future of the creative industries.

The success of these events is a testament to the growing interest and excitement in the field of creative technology, and A.V. Mapping is committed to continuing to hold similar events in different cities across the United States. Creators and friends who want to join in on the fun and be a part of these exciting events can leave a message and get on the bus together. A.V. Mapping is always happy to hear from fellow creators.

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The opportunity to connect with and support creators from other countries

In addition to hosting events and showcasing their own work, A.V. Mapping also took the opportunity to connect with and support creators from other countries, specifically Taiwan. By bringing these two creators to the stage at LA Tech Week, A.V. Mapping was able to highlight the unique and diverse perspectives and talents of creators from different parts of the world.

LA Tech Week

LA Tech Week is an annual event series holding by U.S. famous Venture capital a16z in Los Angeles, California that brings together the local technology and startup community to celebrate and showcase the latest innovations in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. The event typically includes a variety of activities such as keynote speeches, panel discussions, networking events, and showcase exhibitions. The event attracts a diverse range of attendees from the tech industry, including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and business leaders. LA Tech Week aims to promote the growth and development of the local technology ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs and startups with resources, funding and mentorship opportunities. The event also celebrates the successes of local tech companies and startups, and provides a platform for them to share their stories and inspire others to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Supporting and Promoting Creators

The success of this event, and the positive feedback received from participants, has only solidified A.V. Mapping’s commitment to supporting and promoting creators in any way they can. They plan to continue to host similar events and activities in other cities across the United States, providing a platform for creators to showcase their work and connect with one another.

If you’re a creator looking to get involved, A.V. Mapping encourages you to reach out and join them on their journey.

Whether you’re a musician, filmmakers, visual artist, NFT creator, or any other type of creator,

there’s a place for you at A.V. Mapping. Don’t hesitate to send a message and join the community of creators that A.V. Mapping is building. With 500 participants in California, it’s a great opportunity to connect with other artists, and expand your network.

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