A.V. Mapping Revolutionizes Music Sync and Web3 Content Creation with Blockchain Technology
A.V. Mapping Revolutionizes Music Sync and Web3 Content Creation with Blockchain Technology
July 26, 2023

A.V. Mapping Revolutionizes Music Sync and Web3 Content Creation with Blockchain Technology

In this digital era, safeguarding copyrights and ensuring authenticity for creators has become an increasingly challenging task. A.V. Mapping has been at the forefront of protecting creators and musicians since its inception. By harnessing the power of patented AI and blockchain technology, A.V. Mapping transforms the creators’ ecosystem, empowering them to reach their full potential through technological enlightenment.

Introducing Web3.0 Blockchain Registration for Credibility and Authenticity

A.V. Mapping is proud to launch its latest feature, utilizing Web3 technology to register creators’ works, including music and videos, on the blockchain. This process ensures the authenticity and originality of their artworks. With a simple click, users can upload their music, enter metadata, and register it on the blockchain. A small fee of 0.1 USD per month or 1 USD per year is charged for this service. Notably, A.V. Mapping does not charge for music intended solely for video use. Creators have the option to choose whether to upload their works to the blockchain and can even mint them as NFTs, signifying their uniqueness and ownership in the digital realm. Through this secure process, A.V. Mapping continuously tracks the distribution of works, safeguarding them from tampering and unauthorized use.

Ensuring Security and Accessibility with IPFS Technology

A.V. Mapping provides creators with the flexibility to choose various features when uploading their works on the platform. Leveraging IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) technology, A.V. Mapping safeguards works even if data is deleted, as historical records can still be accessed through IPFS connections. IPFS technology offers efficient storage of information, functioning as a decentralized cloud platform on Web3. This eliminates the need to upload works to traditional cloud platforms like AWS or Google Drive. The decentralized nature of IPFS reduces reliance on centralized networks, mitigating the risk of DDoS attacks associated with HTTP protocols. Additionally, IPFS reduces bandwidth consumption and lowers storage costs, providing cost-effective alternatives to cloud platforms.

Comprehensive Protection for Different Types of Music

A.V. Mapping offers two types of music protection. The first type is preview music with watermarks, which is publicly available and recommended to users on the platform. Users can listen to and download this music for personal use, but it cannot be used for commercial purposes. The second type is original music without watermarks, allowing musicians the option to make their works public. If they choose to do so, there is a possibility that the original files may be used or discovered by others. Third-party users can access audio files through blockchain systems other than A.V. Mapping, and all usage transactions will be recorded on the platform.

Enhancing Creations with AI and Blockchain Technology

When users purchase music on the A.V. Mapping platform, the platform generates videos with the music automatically. Additionally, creators can register Web3.0 digital assets and choose whether to generate them as NFTs. This ensures the preservation and accessibility of works while providing an added layer of protection and traceability. Creators also have the option to grant permission for their works to be used as training data for AI. Once works are registered on the blockchain, all transaction records are securely recorded, preventing potential future misuse or unauthorized usage.

Empowering Creators in the Digital Landscape

A.V. Mapping enables creators to directly sell their works on the platform and sign copyright agreements, streamlining the process of protecting their intellectual property and sharing profits. The platform embraces the complexity of AI and human creations, maximizing the creation value from human creators through AI and blockchain technology. With A.V. Mapping’s patented AI sale, musicians can match the most suitable music for videos in seconds, while Web3.0 features provide clear transaction records and tamper-resistance, ensuring credibility and authenticity for both creators and users.

A Comprehensive Suite of Tools for Creators

Whether creators choose to mint their NFTs and utilize blockchain metadata or not, A.V. Mapping offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to support and empower creators in their creative journey. With A.V. Mapping, creators can confidently navigate the digital landscape, protect their intellectual property, and track all transactions on one platform 24/7, unlocking new opportunities for success.

Revolutionizing the Creative Industry with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

A.V. Mapping, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, is a one-stop video music mapping platform. Its innovative approach shortens work time for video producers, increases cash flow in the creative industry, and provides more income to musicians simultaneously. With the potential to save 95% of work-hours and accelerate the production of original and copyrighted music, A.V. Mapping becomes an indispensable assistant to creators, fostering a more efficient creative environment and higher-speed cash flow in the industry.


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