AI Leads 5K Musicians to Compete with AI on Web3 Film Music Metaverse Concert
AI Leads 5K Musicians to Compete with AI on Web3 Film Music Metaverse Concert
December 10, 2022

AI Leads 5K Musicians to Compete with AI on Web3 Film Music Metaverse Concert

How to have 5K musicians collaborate in a concert?

Wanna join an artistic & musical technology revolution?

An AI which is helping creators make it! A easy way to be progressive creators who work with AI & NFT.

Film Music AI versus Musicians NFT Concert  (FAIM Concert)

Film music competitive concert between AI and musicians with NFT ticket (FAIM) in Metaverse NFT Online Concert.

With Web 3.0 on the horizon, it is getting harder for music and video creators to find each other to deliver unique, top-quality content. A.V. Mapping has a strong connection between thousands of creators and video production houses, which is why A.V. Mapping is partnering up with cross-boarder branding consultancy BuonX Consultancy, inviting you to the next phase in the future of the internet: a tailored Metaverse concert that everyone can be an organizer.

A.V. Mapping believes music is about sharing. The musicians share their music around the world and everyone in the concert comes together to share that experience.

While A.V. Mapping is going to provide the technology behind this metaverse concert, BuonX Consultancy will be helping the marketing scheme and crossover collaboration for the participants to make musicians to be seen on web 3.0 era.

Stop spending time on finding right music for your video

Every content creator knows thats finding the right music for a video is a challenge. And every content creator knows how boring it is to hear the same tunes on the same types of videos over and over again. Creators often have to spend hours looking for the right music and then face the issue of copyright and payment which is too time-consuming! Until now.

Here comes A.V. Mapping, an A.I. recommends the music from musicians through analyzing the video & music to pair with the most suitable music from tens of thousands of music creators on our hand.

A way to make that concert unique for you. A concert specifically for the people attending.

A.V. Mapping offers you the chance to get the first row tickets. This Metaverse concert displays different famous musicians composing different songs for your video, all at the same time! That way you can see for yourself how our AI systems work to match our music library with your content. Audience can vote for the winner and all the process would become a documentary.

The world’s first A.I. driven NFT Metaverse concert needs your support to make YOUR concert extraordinary.

To gather all the talents, A.V. Mapping and BuonX Consultancy are looking for cooperation, donations - and crypto - to create this ground breaking event together. You don’t want to miss this interesting & exciting new way for creators economy. And how A.V. Mapping rocks creators world, saved years of working hours and $700K dollars in creators industries. FAIM concert is a glimpse into the future of concerts in the Meta-Verse. The audiences can join societies to recommend the musicians, films, vote for the winners and get the ticket. Now, you can bid the supervisor title of this concert! A pioneering music experience on the cusp of A.I. integration in a way we could never have imagined. That is how much of a historical event this is going to be.*mFVSh8aJvl3_AbDYwa24Og.png

As a film composer & female founding team, we understand why production efficiency is important

Now A.V. Mapping can shorten video music production from six months to 5 seconds. This means musicians can do more projects, earn higher revenue and focus on being creative! So what better way to bring those people together than by bringing them together in Metaverse!

Since When A.V. Mapping first pitched in 2019, we are the 1st AI product won the Best of the best in red dot award, global Top-24 in She Loves Tech, the world’s largest startup competition for women in tech, AWE held by Meta & AIT(American Institute in Taiwan) , DSA ( Best products for Ad. industry) and also the stages on Draper University, San Francisco Tech Week, Los Angeles Tech Week, CES, Web Summit, Tech Crunch, Cannes film festival, Canada Music Week etc. But none of this would have been possible without a passion for music.

Join AV Mapping, Be a pioneer & game-changers!

This is a game-changer and we are offering you front-row seats to how music, A.I., and the internet are going to work together to create the content we all love. If you are someone who loves music, loves technology, or maybe is an introvert looking to connect then please consider supporting our campaign. Join the concert before we close the registration! There is no such thing as a small donation - all support is welcome.*h6b2AJ8Ve7LPBcg0MG9kKA.png

About A.V. Mapping

A.V. Mapping, an award-winning one-stop AI video music matching & licensing platform with SFX and audio editing, changing media, film & music industries. Prevent creators from being disappointed from low profits & tedious production process, A.V. Mapping finds the most suitable licensed music for videos with AI in seconds. Bringing money into creator economy. AI is now leading creators to compete with AI. Holding the web3.0 competition between musicians & AI in film scoring. Web 3.0 Metaverse Film Music Concert: AI vs Musicians A new ways for creators to share their commercial videos and creations, or musicians’ talents and influence. A.V. Mapping platform makes creation process be 95% faster to select music and buy the copyrights compared with other solutions. Right now we have over 100k songs in our library, the tech is working great, and we have 7,000 creators and 30 business contracts.

About BuonX Consultancy

BuonX Consultancy is a crossover and cross border branding consultancy helping brands to succeed in the international market on developing their branding roadmap along with their business journey. BuonX maintains long term relationship with clients from various sizes and industries, from Nasdaq listed to startups. It has worked with industries like technology, fintech, FMCG, entertainment and fashion.

More About A.V. Mapping

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