5 AI Startups in Draper University Fall '22 had a Generative AI Hackathon
5 AI Startups in Draper University Fall '22 had a Generative AI Hackathon
February 09, 2023

5 AI Startups in Draper University Fall ‘22 had a Generative AI Hackathon

What is the next trend of AI?

Now we know the power of generative AI, then what is the next?

Last fall, Draper University held a generative AI 48 hours hackathon for 60 entrepreneurs from all over the world during hero training program.Which means, we need to build a generative AI product in 48 hours.

We have different kinds of experts in our each team. We’re all founders, but some are good at marketing or business sales, and some are more into technology. With 10 teams, we have 10 products, 10 cool ideas which were born in two days from the idea to the reality. One of the teams established a new business: Pistachio after this hackathon, it’s beautiful.

Generative AI

Who made all of these products?

Do we have many generative AI startups here?

Surprisingly, No.

But we have some AI startups making our life better. Let’s see who are them!

5 AI Startup in 2022 Fall Cohort

🚀 Accounts Payable Automation-DOST AI Solutions:

Dost reduces time and errors in mid-sized companies’ accounts payable teams, extracting data and digitizing processes on vendor spend trends.

👉 https://portal.mydost.ai/auth/pre-register

🚀 Information Technology & Services-Civixa.ai:

Transform organizations an AI-first approach by providing fully managed data annotation and model training. 

👉 https://www.civixa.ai/

🚀 Media & Entertainment -A.V. Mapping:

A.V. Mapping, AI your creativities. An A.I. Platform Matching Music for Video with Audio Editing & Profit Sharing. 

👉 https://avmapping.co/

🚀 Education-Vocal Image:

Speech training and voice therapy app for speakers and singers. 

👉 https://www.vocalimage.app/en/

🚀 Civic and Social Enterprise-Connect Hear:

Disability Inclusive World: Enabling communication and information for the Deaf through technology 

👉 https://www.connecthear.org/

DOST AI Solutions


DOST AI Solutions reduces time and errors in mid-sized companies’ accounts payable teams, extracting data and digitizing processes on vendor spend trends.

A software development company that provides businesses with a way to automate document-based processes through artificial intelligence.

DOST AI Solutions provides a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for companies to digitize their operations and streamline their workflows. 

To learn more 👉 https://portal.mydost.ai/auth/pre-register 🤝 LinkedIn



The most challenging task in training AI models is annotating the dataset. It takes a painfully long time to collect, organize and then label the data before any kind of neural net or machine learning algorithms could be trained.

Civixa.ai is enabling researchers, developers, and companies by taking this painful task from them, so they could focus on their algorithms, models, and business problems, rather than handling the workforce for labeling and maintaining the quality of data.

Visit their website 👉 https://www.civixa.ai/ 🤝 LinkedIn

A.V. Mapping


A.V. Mapping, a media and entertainment company that is using AI to revolutionize the way we create and experience video content.

A.V. Mapping is an AI platform that matches music to video with audio editing and profit sharing. Whether you’re a filmmaker, videographer, or musician, A.V. Mapping makes it easy to bring your creativity to life.

[They are hiring!]  Visit their website 👉 https://avmapping.co/ 🤝 LinkedIn

Vocal Image


Vocal Image, an education company that provides speech training and voice therapy services through its innovative app.

Vocal Image helps speakers and singers improve their voice quality and delivery, making it easier for them to communicate effectively.

Visit their website 👉 https://www.vocalimage.app/en/ 🤝 LinkedIn

Connect Hear


Connect Hear, a civic and social enterprise that is working to create a disability-inclusive world by enabling communication and information for the Deaf through technology.

ConnectHear provides sign language recognition A.I. that help the Deaf community stay connected and informed, breaking down barriers to communication and information access.

[They are hiring!]  Visit their website 👉 https://www.connecthear.org/ 🤝 LinkedIn

♥ Draper University’s 2022 Fall Cohort ♥


These five companies are leading the way in their respective industries. Not only generative AI in the power of AI to transform the world, we can expect to see many more innovative AI solutions in the years to come.

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