Music for Video A.I. Matching​

A.I. Your Creativities​

​& Share up to a 40,000 x Increase ​

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Blockchain Copyright Protection​

AI Finds Your Copyright Free Music & Sound

Video and Images to Music
Find the perfect match royalty free music & sound effects through understanding the video & images you uploaded
Music to Music
From musical emotion, genre, musicality to reference music, AI finds the music closes to your preference.
Text to Music & SFX
From text, scripts, plot summary, cue sheet to music & free sound effects! Find it on 'Premium'
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Film Scoring Battle
Film Scoring Battle
  • The AI team up with creators to fight with AI​
  • World first AI leads competition web3 concert in metaverse, LA, US & Taipei, Taiwan
Contract Secured on Web 3.0
Contract Secured on Web 3.0
  • Profit sharing
  • Customized price
  • Non exclusive contract
  • Non-training license
  • Transparent transaction
  • Sell in Web 3.0 (optional)

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